China Facing Economic, Social Unrest – Chito Romana

From ABC News (link):

Ap China 060410 SpWhen a group of senior Chinese economists, officials and scholars gathered in early March to discuss the current situation in China, they exchanged frank views behind closed doors.

The high-level forum, which was organized by a think tank linked to the government’s Cabinet, was intended to provide policy advice to the Chinese leadership.

But when the full transcript of the deliberations was leaked to the Internet in late March, it sparked a strong reaction among the intelligentsia and gave rare insight into the policy debate on the country’s economic direction.

An article about the forum’s minutes from the Chinese version of the Wall Street Journal site is here. The original minutes are here (in Chinese), in parts one & two. See also ESWN’s partial translation of the minutes.

April 10, 2006 11:00 AM
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