Rise of the blog prompts China self-censor pledge – Clifford Coonan

From the Independent (link)

State-run internet news sites have stepped up their attempts to guard the Great Firewall of China by responding to a call for tighter control of the web with pledges to “self-censor”.

The websites of China’s main publications, including the state news agency Xinhua, China Daily and the People’s Daily, agreed to attack “indecency” on the web. The language of the reports was fervently patriotic as Xinhua reported how 11 news websites had “vehemently” supported a initiative by the state-run media to censor themselves. “Chinese websites are capable and confident of resisting indecent internet content,” it said.

China has 700,000 portals and 111 million internet users and the government is said to have 40,000 officials monitoring the web.

See also “Internet a mixed blessing to Chinese government” from Xinhua.

April 15, 2006 9:55 AM
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