China: Don’t learn Chinese for business opps, learn it for this book – John Kennedy

bookcover_01--wang xiaofeng.jpg From Global Voices Online (link):

For unavoidable reasons known to all, or at least presumed, Lifeweek editor , one of China’s most entertaining ”known to many for a hoax [#026] pulled in March this year which brought many ’ scorn”mysteriously killed off his widely-read (also known as Wears Three Watches) in early May. But now he’s back with a new blog, You May Not Associate, and a book of the same name, comprised primarily of his past blog posts. Here is what some bloggers have had to say about their favorite rabble-rouser and the emerging trend which sees becoming books after hitting it big:….

See also “The Most Popular Chinese Blogger” by Newsweek via ESWN blog (link)

June 1, 2006, 6:28 PM
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