China: Freethinking young writer takes on the cultural establishment – John Kennedy

chen chen yu.jpg From Han Han blog, translated by Global Voices Online:

With the majority of China’s artists and intellectuals having been silenced or executed earlier this century, what does that say about that generation’s thinkers who are still around today? (韩寒), perhaps the one post-eighties writer most read by those under thirty, gave birth to a huge controversy earlier this month when he published a post on his blog which took aim at and showed no mercy to three prominent middle-aged contemporary artists: painter Chen Yifei (陈逸飞), film-maker Chen Kaige (陈凯歌) and fellow blogger-writer Yu Qiuyu (余秋雨), with Yu known to many for having been part of an eleven-member team of writers commissioned by the Gang of Four (四人帮)during the Cultural Revolution.[Full Text]

Yu Qiuyu blog. More Chen Yifei’s paintings. See also Youth facing dilemma of role models by Liming Zhou blog. More about online spat via CDT.

June 11, 2006, 5:37 AM
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