China’s Hu Calls on Communist Party Reform – Joe McDonald

From AP via Forbes:

President Hu Jintao called on Communist Party leaders Friday to stamp out rampant and do a better job of managing China’s ruling party as they marked the 85th anniversary of its founding.

China has punished thousands of officials in a multiyear campaign to clean up graft and abuses that are threatening to undermine acceptance of communist rule. But communist leaders have given no indication that the scale of offenses is diminishing.

Many critics blame China’s inability to stop corruption on the ruling party’s monopoly on power and refusal to allow outside scrutiny of its activities, which can shield corrupt officials from punishment. The government has not released details of the charges against Vice Adm. Wang Shouye. But such a case against a senior member of China’s politically active military is rare. [Full Text]

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June 29, 2006 10:45 PM
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