In Asia, Executives Earn Much Less – Martin Fackler and David Barboza

From the New York Times:

…In China, exact figures are also hard to come by. But it appears that Chinese chief executives are paid much less than their American, European or Japanese counterparts.

But even in China, pay packages are climbing, especially after factoring in cost-of-living differences. Some executives are already living quite well.

For instance, a graduate of one of the top schools would be lucky to make $12,000 a year and a rising star in a corporation could make $30,000. But Charles Zhang, the founder, chairman and chief executive of the Internet company, earned about $400,000 in total compensation in 2005. His base salary of $165,000 is up from about $50,000 in 1999. [Full Text]

June 16, 2006, 9:22 PM
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