25 Coincidences of Busted Corrupt Officials, part three – Gao Fusheng

Continuing the typology of corrupt officials from People’s Daily Online via Yulun Jiandu, translated by CDT:

“Prostitution-raided (“´ñÂá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Chen Lijun (ÈôàÁ´ãÈíß), Zhoushan City’s chief of customs. In fall 2000, Zhejiang police deployed a major maneuver to bust smuggler Dong Xinshu and his associates in Zhouhan City. Early in the morning, policemen went into Dong’s villa in Ningbo to find Dong had fled. But police still made a bust, finding Chen there with a prostitute.

“Laughed out (“Á¨ëÂá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Peng Xia, former official with Badong County’s land and mineral resources in Hubei. An official with the local procuratorate heard about Peng’s gambling, visiting of prostitutes and mistress-keeping from dinner tables. These tales were all told in laughter but soon the official took notice. An investigation in spring 2004 found Peng had skimmed 540,000 yuan in a year and half, setting a local record for embezzlement by a low-level cadre. Peng was sentenced to 15 years in late 2004.

“Knelt down (“Ë∑™Âá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Li Xin, former vice mayor of Jining in Shandong Province. Li was found requesting and taking bribes totaling over 4 million yuan. See Yulun Jiandu’s breaking of the news.

“Audited (“ÂÆ°Âá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Lu Wanli (Â碉∏áÈáå), former chief of transportation in Guizhou Province. When Guizhou’s road construction projects became a priority item on a national bond audit in summer 2001, suspicious prices listed for some materials used in the projects led to the discovery of a series of schemes. Lu was identified as one of the main characters in this “project eating” scandal (ÂêÉÂ∑•Á®ã). He fled the country with a fake passport, but was later extradited back home in 2002. Aware of the severity of his guilt and in order to save his skin, Lu fingered another, higher official, provincial party secretary Liu Fangren (ÂàòÊñπ‰ªÅ).

“Hospitalized (“ÁóÖÂá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Peng Shanwen (ÂΩ≠ÂñÑÊñá), former vice mayor of Xiangxi Prefecture in Hunan. When he was a county governor, he had a mistress and they had a kid together. When the child fell sick and had to be hospitalized in spring 2003, and all hell broke loose. Someone reported the illicit couple to the Hunan provincial discipline inspection committee. Peng was found to have taken bribes totaling 1.2 million yuan.

Also see part one and two.

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