Booming Business for Local Police Station in Xuzhou – Li Xinde

4AA0E31623EE6594CAD42D1EADF9C865.jpg From Yulun Jiandu, translated by CDT (more pictures in Chinese full text):

As a new popular saying goes, “Thugs used to be in deep valley, now they are right at Public Security.” (“‰ª•ÂâçÁöÑÂúüÂå™Âú®Ê∑±Â±±Ôºå¶ljªäÁöÑÂúüÂå™Âú®ÂÖ¨ÂÆâ„ÄÇ”) The ear-piercing street talk doesn’t come out of nowhere. If they were not personal experiences of Wang Peirong (ÁéãÂüπËç£), Yu Jianqing (‰øûª∫Ê∏Ö), Wang Chengzhi (ÁéãÊâøÂøó) and more at the Yunlong Police Station under the Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu, it would be ridiculous to believe in the tales.

Wang became a victim when he reported on a license-stripped anti-burglary door dealer who was driving police-license plated minivan around town. The Yunlong police station snubbed Wang’s reports while even blandly stood by while Wang was beaten up by Yan Jiaxun (Èó´ÂÆ∂ËÆ≠), the door dealer, right in front of cops. Yan was taken to a local police office but left in a few hours, with the case still untouched.

Yan, a shady dealer who became famous for producing shoddy doors thanks to police sheltering, was handed a verdict according to numerous national and local newspaper reports.

Yu was a manager of a Changzhou machinery factory, Heshan (Â∏∏Â∑ûÂ∏ÇËæñÂå∫ÂéüÊ≠¶ËøõÂ∏ÇÁѶÊ∫™Èπ§Â±±Êú∫Ê¢∞ÂéÇ). In 1998, Hongda sold two machines and other peripherals to Hongda, a plastics products plant (ÂæêÂ∑ûÂ∏ÇÂÆèËææ°ëÊñôÂà∂ÂìÅÂéÇ). But due to a change of state policy, Hongda’s products were banned in production. With still part of the contract payable to Heshan, Hongda chose to sue the seller for counterfeiting, which was a lie, and demanded refund and a compensation of more than double the contract value.

Yunlong police also helped Hongda, whose boss reportedly bribed throughout concerned officials. Yu was tortured at the police office and his wife was called three times for a “ransom” of 110,000 yuan. Interestingly, police wrote a slip of receipt (see photo) of the cash but didn’t return a penny to the victim’s family so far.

Wang was a pharmaceuticals dealer who had a dispute in 2003 with some Hebei businessmen. The Hebei guys, upset of the dispute, asked Li Mengyi (ÊùéÂ≠ü‰πâ) to blackmail Wang, saying they could “play me to death in either white or black worlds.”

With the help of a Yunlong cop, Zhou Fuhai (周福海), the gang planted some charges on me and Li even led a group of cops to transport Wang to Xuzhou, during the whole journey he was insulted, threatened and tortured.

In one of an arrogant text messages Zhou sent to Wang early this year, Zhou said: “Haha, Lunatic Wang, you are a crazy dog, human dreg, beat, loser, swindler and criminal. The sword of justice will always hang above your head. Wish you a Year of the Dog such that you die soon by the law!” [Full Text in Chinese]



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