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From Raymond Zhou blog:

A philosopher has thrown down the gauntlet and asked a science maverick to a duel. Since we are living in the 21st century, to make it “civilized,” in the philosopher’s words, whoever loses the contest will commit suicide “in a civilized manner.”

You might think this is a plot from a romantic story penned by Pushkin.

But no, it happens in present-day China, and is more of a raucous farce than a play of burning passion and green-eyed jealousy.

The philosopher is ÔºàȪéÈ∏£Ôºâ, who claims he has solved the “four-colour theorem” by using the theories of Lao Tzu ÔºàËÄÅÂ≠êÔºâand Kant ÔºàÂ∫∑Âæ∑Ôºâ. Actually he cracked the case six years ago. It all boils down to six pages, three for text and three for graphs. [Full Text]

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September 3, 2006 7:43 PM
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