Meng Guangmei and Toiletgate: The latest Chinese Internet swarm – Jeremy Goldkorn

From Danwei:

The latest incident to outrage China’s Internet users is being dubbed ‘Toiletgate’ (ÂéïÊâÄÈó®) by some Chinese fourm posters. A Taiwanese model named (Â≠üÂπøÁæé) who came to the Mainland ten years ago and built a career as a TV presenter and entertainer was invited to be a guest on Taiwanese talk show Hongse Fengbao (Á∫¢Ëâ≤È£éÁàÜ). During the show, she talked about public toilets on the Mainland, saying that previously Mainland toilet didn’t have doors, and mentioning some toilets near Tiananmen Square where she saw a hundred pale “asses”….[Full Text]

Read also Taiwan actress’ remarks spark anger by China Daily.

September 7, 2006 12:11 AM
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