Business groups ‘blocking’ HK democracy – Tom Mitchell

From Financial Times:

The only declared candidate in the race to become ’s next chief executive has identified the territory’s conservative business ¬≠community as the primary obstacle to democratic reform and says his long-shot candidacy will “expose the absurdity of [’s electoral] system”.

“The main obstacle in the way of universal suffrage in Hong Kong is really the business community,” Alan Leong, a barrister and legislator, said in an interview with the Financial Times. “I really believe that it is this chorus of business people singing against universal suffrage that explains Beijing’s reluctance to introduce it in Hong Kong.”

“But behind closed doors, quite a few [businessmen] agree with me that if you want a system that can protect their sons and grandsons, you need democracy and the rule of law.”[Full Text]

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October 15, 2006 10:24 PM
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