UPDATED: Talking About Blog Real-Name Registration – Keso and Bai Xiaoci

On the recent hot topic blog real name registration, the Beijing-based technology blogger Keso wrote on his Playin’ with IT – DonewsBlog (translated by CDT):

Many people say, management (of the society) is a form of art. That’s nonsense. The most direct, straightforward management (like the blog real name registration), is not art, not even skills, at most it is a form of calculation and intimidation.

There are many emotional posts on University BBSs, and no one can find their authors. This gives leaders a headache. The solution is simple – and outlawing non-campus IP posts on university BBS. Short message services often contain illegal information and scams, and it is hard to find out who sent them. This gives leaders a headache as well. The solution is simple – real name registration, so every calling card corresponds to one person. All of sudden there are more then 10 million blogs, so many voices saying all kind of things. This gives leaders a headache again. The solution is simple – real name registration, every blog requires its author’s real identity.

To be really frank, the doesn’t let you forget that Big Brother’s radiating eyes are always on your back. You are bad people, you are a rioter, you are a potential criminal, but you dare not actually do anything. (The Big Brother) watches you like teachers monitor you during exams, the monitor does not even blink his eyes. Even if you want to cheat, you would not even dare to do it. This is called the power of intimidation.


Mr. Huang Chengqing, the general secretary of the Internet Association said: the blog real name registration system suggested by the blog research group of the Internet Association is a limited system, only applies at the back end. In other words, a netizen who opens a blog is required to provide real name and identity, but on the front page of his/her blog, he/she can still use a penname. This really sounds kind and relaxed. What Mr. Huang is really saying is nobody knows you are a dog except me, so no worries. What a fart. The only person I am afraid of IS you.

China spends all its limited resources on those “management” systems, no wonder it hardly ever innovates technologies which would really promote social progress. [Chinese Text]

Also from blogger Bai Xiaoci (白小刺), translated by CDT:

I have been blogging for more than two years, shot 2.59 GB of photos, accumulated one million hits, and collected some cyber-friends who submit writings to my blog. I moved out from blogcn on Februry 2005, mainly because I was not happy with their speed. Since I have some Internet knowledge, I started a blogging platform independently. From then on I do not have to worry about the speed, and “sensitive words.” I felt I established an independent space, one step closer to free speech. But in July, I was told to register my blog. Every independent domain name needs to be registered at the assigned website. The registration requires name, address, phone, work unit…. not one thing can be missed. This is just great. Everything about me is in their hands, how can I dare to say things freely? I wish I had stayed at blogcn; at least they did not ask me for this much information. That being said, now I heard the news about blog real name registration. Those who have blogs at blog hosting services are also required to register with their real names. This follows the news of cell phone real name registration …… Thank heavens that the Ministry of Information Industry is not in charge of
the condom business. Otherwise they will require real name registration for the “information management” of every condom buyer. [Chinese Text]

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