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Two months after the downfall of , Shanghai’s former chieftain, 42 municipal-minister-level (ÂâرÄÁ∫߉ª•‰∏ä) officials were put in place to run a post-Chen era financial capital of China.

Analysts say, according to Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao (§ßÂÖ¨Êä•), this round of reshuffle was publicized on the web, with a heightened transparency, the list of candidates cleared the Central Discipline Committee (‰∏≠Á∫™Âßî), many local discipline system cadres were promoted, and the staffing was done swiftly.

In order to prevent promoting those who may have bad records (Â∏¶‰º§ÊèêÊãî) which might soon trigger another round of scandals, the list of candidates for axed former officials had to clear the review of Beijing’s discipline watchdog, who ten handed over the approved candidates to local personnel bosses to make appointments.

It is learned that party secretaries of Shanghai’s districts and counties have all cleared Shanghai’s party standing committee meeting and local leaderships have come to a stability. Shanghai is expected to be back on track after the recent “pension fund storm.” [Full Text in Chinese]

November 28, 2006 8:35 PM
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