Beijing Blogger Probes Anti-Satellite Missile – Xujun Eberlein

From New America Media:

China has just confirmed that it shot down one of its own satellites, but Chinese and U.S.-based Chinese media have been discussing the incident for days.

Last Friday,, the online venue for China’s government newspaper People’s Daily, published a report titled “America’s Wild Speculation on China’s Anti-Satellite Missile.” By Monday the article has been taken down, but not before it launched numerous arguments among Chinese Web surfers.

A popular Beijing blogger, Da Niu (“big ox”), summarizes the Web fights in a Sunday post as “Hawks say (the missile) boosting (Chinese) spirits, strengthens our country’s power, not to mention that others are also doing it; Doves say this violates the outer space treaty, increases international distrust, and might cause a new round of outer space weapon competition.”[Full Text]

January 24, 2007 9:48 AM
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