Report: China Ex-Drug Chief Under Probe – AP

From AP:
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The former head of China’s drug administrationÔºàÂõΩÂÆ∂È£üÂìÅËçØÁâ©ÁõëÁù£Â±ÄÔºâ is being investigated on suspicion of taking bribes to allow companies to get around drug approval standards, state media reported Sunday.

Zheng Xiaoyu(郑筱萸), removed from the post as head of the State Food and Drug Administration in June 2005, is suspected in a string of bribery cases, Xinhua News Agency said, citing the China Business Post.

…China’s communist government has been fighting a wave of top-level cases that threaten to undermine its legitimacy. Government and party leaders have been arrested in major cities in the past year, including Shanghai’s Communist Party secretary, Chen Liangyu.
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January 7, 2007 10:02 PM
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