As America looks the other way, China’s rise accelerates – Gideon Rachman

From the Financial Times:

But, strangely enough, the big strategic questions about China’s emergence as a great power remain pretty much the same. Will China have a “peaceful rise”, as its officials insist? Or will growing Chinese power and ambition one day bring the country into conflict with the US or Japan? How serious is China’s threat to use force to prevent Taiwanese independence? And how long can the Communist party rule?

The big questions remain open. But that is not to say that nothing has changed. The past decade has seen at least three major developments that demonstrate China’s burgeoning global power. The first is the way that China is displacing Japan as the diplomatic and economic focus of Asia. The second is the growing power of the Chinese military. The third is the fact that China is now developing global strategic interests. [Full text]

February 12, 2007, 4:22 PM
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