What Are They Proposing at The NPC and CPPCC?

Here are a few interesting proposals the representatives are advocating at this year’s NPC and CPPCC.

Huo Yuping, a member of China Academy of Sciences, said the threat of “global warming” is merely fictional. Yan Zhao Metropolitan News reported Huo blamed a small group of people from the press and the government sensationalizing the topic of global warming. He said global warming cannot be attributed to the consumption of energy, and China should not lower energy consumption. Click here to read more (in Chinese). In 2005, Huo Yuping obtained the largest sum of funds of the National Basic Research Program in fiscal yar 2005-2006 for the research on thermonuclear experimental reactors. Click here to read more

China needs a law to restrict a “violence culture” that is permeating in the country’s media to protect the country’s vulnerable young souls from being poisoned, Peng Fuchun, a deputy to the NPC, said. Peng, a philosophy professor from Wuhan University, said a culture of violence is propagating rapidly in China as a result of social transition, leaving ill impact on social morals and blighting juvenile’s growth. Click here to read more

A law should be drafted to regulate the operation of Internet cafes to better protect teenagers, Chinese lawmaker Yu Wen, a deputy to the NPC, said. A law is necessary to enforce the supervision over Internet cafes, Yu said. Click here to read more.

Here are a list of proposals on China’s official website.

March 6, 2007, 9:56 AM
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