Rise in Abortions Marks a Changing Society in China – Jim Yardley

From the New York Times:

is legal and widely accessible in China, yet the usual profile is of married women complying, voluntarily or not, with the one-child policy. But as Chinese society rapidly changes, so has the face of abortion.

More young, single women are having abortions and even constitute a majority of those getting abortions in Shanghai and parts of Beijing, according to academic studies and health experts.

Many of these women – migrant workers, urban professionals, prostitutes and students – are having multiple abortions. For this new generation of single women, who have grown up as sexual mores have steadily loosened in China, abortion rates have risen as Chinese society has become more transient and unmoored from the values, and inhibitions, of traditional culture. [Full text]

May 12, 2007, 2:50 PM
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