Beneath Booming Cities, China’s Future Is Drying Up – Jim Yardley

In Part II of their Choking on Growth series, the New York Times takes on the issue of , or the lack thereof, in China:

28Water SpanFor three decades, water has been indispensable in sustaining the rollicking economic expansion that has made China a world power. Now, China’s galloping, often wasteful style of economic growth is pushing the country toward a water crisis. Water pollution is rampant nationwide, while water scarcity has worsened severely in north China ” even as demand keeps rising everywhere.

China is scouring the world for oil, natural gas and minerals to keep its economic machine humming. But trade deals cannot solve water problems. Water usage in China has quintupled since 1949, and leaders will increasingly face tough political choices as cities, industry and farming compete for a finite and unbalanced water supply. [Full text]

September 27, 2007 2:30 PM
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