Complaint Offers Window on Chinese Drug Ring – David Barboza and Duff Wilson

The New York Times gives more details about the alleged drug smuggling ring that produces the world’s supply of :

28Steroid.190A 62-page affidavit by a special agent of the Food and Drug Administration details an extraordinary level of personal involvement in the trafficking and sale of the powerful hormones by Jin Lei, the founder and chief executive of the GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Company, one of China’s largest drug makers, based here in Changchun, in northern China.

The affidavit adds intriguing details and a rare look inside a major drug ring and the alleged role of a renowned businessman. It was unsealed Monday, but was not released publicly until The Times requested and received a copy of the electronic file on Wednesday. [Full text]

[Image: Jin Lei, charged with smuggling, trafficking and money laundering, via]

September 28, 2007 11:55 AM
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