Faulty Designs Responsible for 75% of Toy Recalls: Study – CBC

A new Canadian study says Chinese manufacturers should not bear primary responsibility for the recent spate of toy recalls:

A new Canadian study examining records suggests that while problems have been found in China’s factories, toy companies should shoulder their fair share of the blame for faulty designs and varying standards.

…”The big toy companies that have outsourced the to China and a lot of countries in southeast Asia should have systems to make sure that the that leave those factories, the that come here, meet the expectations, meet the standards in this part of the world,” Bapuji said.

“What I see happening is [the toy companies] seem to be putting the blame on the Chinese manufacturers and escaping their own responsibility,” he said. [Full text]

Chinese and American officials are scheduled to meet about this issue this week, according to Reuters.

September 9, 2007, 9:01 PM
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