A Warning On ‘Fakes’ That Doesn’t Add Up – Howard French

From The International Herald Tribune, via A Glimpse of the World blog:

As reported in the news, the announcement sounded ominous.

China’s chief censor has launched another round of crackdowns to eliminate what he labeled the “four fakes.”

When the Chinese state assigns a numeric label like this – the three this, or the four that – they are usually talking about something they deem to be truly wicked, or something that is phenomenally good.

In this case, it was definitely a matter of denouncing the wicked, to wit: sham publications, sham news bureaus, fake journalists and bogus news reports.

Hearing this announcement, one might think that one of China’s biggest problems is the grave threat posed by something called false information. [Full Text]

November 16, 2007 3:00 PM
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