Capturing a Frame of Mind – Zhu Linyong

An exhibition at Peking University reveals the true colors of family snapshots, from China Daily:

The exhibition features photographs of former staff that worked with, or fought battles with, Chinese leaders such as Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai and Ren Bishi, and cultural icons.In addition there are poignant from the family albums of ordinary Chinese people, organizers say. The are accompanied by short essays, or captions, that are written by the providers….[Full Text]

[Image: Beijing native Liu Huizhong’s family members are shown in this group photo from the 1930s. Dramatic social changes eventually tore apart the family, which once owned a two-story teahouse near Di’anmen in downtown Beijing. Old photos courtesy of Bi Chunping, via China Daily]

January 18, 2008 3:36 PM
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