China Unveils Healthcare Scheme – Shirong Chen

healthcare%20scheme.jpg From BBC News:

China’s health minister has announced an ambitious programme to provide basic healthcare for every citizen in the world’s most populous nation. Chen Zhu said the Healthy China 2020 programme would provide a universal national health service and promote equal access to public services. Mr Chen was speaking at the national Health Forum in Beijing.

Critics say China’s health system falls far behind the needs of the 1.3bn people it is supposed to look after. Since the economy was opened up 30 years ago, China has gradually abandoned the old communist-style cradle-to-grave welfare system. As a result, earning money has become the target for many hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. [Full Text]

[Image: Medical help can be beyond the reach of many Chinese people, from AP.]

January 7, 2008, 10:15 AM
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