Chaos Continues in Dharamsala and Lhasa

Shanghaiist analyzes a resident’s observation and Xinhua’s reports of :

We told you about the chaos happening simultaneously in Dharamsala, India and Lhasa, Tibet, and it looks like we’re only at the start of something big, very big. Here are snippets of a conversation with a friend who is resident in Lhasa, but has since left the city to live in the countryside till some semblance of stability returns:

“It’s like war out there – there are soldiers everywhere”

“There’s been a curfew in place since Monday, when the monks started protesting, but now the local people are joining in”…

“I saw a Tibetan man who had been shot, he looked very bad”

“Hotels, shops, buildings all round the Jokhang have been smashed in”

Xinhua is by no means silent on the issue. First off, let’s here what the Tibet party chief had to say in what must be the world’s shortest news story ever:

“We fired no gunshots,” , chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Regional Government, told the press in Beijing on Saturday when asked about the unrest in Lhasa on Friday.

March 15, 2008 10:21 PM
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