Tibet Update with Translation

The following information was posted on the Beijing-based Tibetan writer Woeser’s blog (hosted outside of China):

March 10th
500 monks from Drepong Monastery joined the peaceful demonstration. They were beaten and targeted with tear gas by the authorities. The monastery has been surrounded since then. There has been no water supply. Diners nearby are closed. The living condition for the monks inside the monastery is getting difficult.

14 monks from Sera, holding Tibetan flags, protested in front of Thsulhakang. They were beaten and arrested by police. Many Tibetans witnessed what was going on, begging the police to stop beating. As a result, 3 lay Tibetans were also arrested.

Amdo (Haidong Tibetan autonomous district, Qinghai province) Monks from Decha Monastery (Sorry that I don’t have time to check its Tibetan spelling) in Hualong Xain held peaceful demonstration. Army force and police dispersed them.
Amdo (Hainan Tibetan autonomous district, Qinghai province) Monks from Lucang Monastery in Gueinan Xain held peaceful demonstration. Army force and police dispersed them.

March 10
Monks in Detsa monastery (or Ditsa, Ch. Decha) in Bayankhar (Ba-yan-mkhar; Ch. Hualong County), Amdo (Tsoshar (Ch. Haidong) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province) held peaceful protest, but were dispersed by armed polices.

Monks in Lutsang monastery (there is a Lu monastery in Mang-ra, but not sure whether it is the same known as Lucang monastery in Chinese) in Mangra County (Mang-ra; Ch. Guinan County, Amdo (Tsolho [ch. Hainan] Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province) held peaceful protest, but were dispersed by armed polices.


March 11th
600 monks from Sera had their peaceful protest. They were beaten and targeted with tear gas by the authorities. The monastery has been surrounded since then. There has been no water supply. Diners nearby are closed. The living condition for the monks inside the monastery is getting difficult.


March 12th
Two monks from Drepong cut their own wrist. Monks in Sera went on hunger strike.


March 13th
Hundreds of monks from Ganden Monastery and 150 nuns from Qusang nunnery intended to go inside the Lhasa city for peaceful demonstration. They have been surrounded by army force and police since then. All of the three major monasteries in Lhasa were closed by the authorities.


March 14th
Morning. Nearly 100 monks gathered close to Renmoche to protest against the recent suppression in Drepong, Sera, ect. They were stopped and beaten by police, This triggered lay Tibetans’ anger, disbursing into a large protest joined by tens of thousands of people. Conflicting incidents took place….(I skipped the causality counts that are already in other media) According to reliable sources, from the public security bureau in Lhasa (Lhasa gong an jiu), the order for police restraining from shooting was lifted. From 14th onward, armies and police were allowed to open fire toward the crowd.


March 15th
Lhasa was controlled by move-in armies. In a full scope, they began to search and arrest people. According to reliable resource, there were at least 600 people arrested. The city is under curfew…. Give-in deadline in the midnight on March 17 was posted online.

Marches and protests took place outside Lhasa in Detse, Qushei, Linzhou, Mozhugongka (check the Tibetan spelling)
Monks and lay people (women, children and elders included) marched on the streets in Labrang….. More than 40 army trucks were called in from Lanzhou… The protests (having no weapon in hand) were targeted. Many Tibetans are killed or wounded. Nearly 20 of them were arrested.

The same evening a march (joined in primarily by monks from Hezou Monastery) took place in Amdo, Hezou (the headquarters of Gannan Tibetan autonomous district). They were surrounded by forces, Lay people’s protesting march in the other part of the city were also dispersed. Tibetan students of the normal college in the city held their peaceful demonstration, having some conflicts with the party committee on campus.

March 16, a military cordon was put around Wuhou Temple in Chengdu, and Tibetan areas were under tight observation.

March 16
In the afternoon, over 300 monks and lay people in Rongwu monastery in Rebgong county (Tongren County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture ) staged a protest within the monastery, but they were surrounded by several thousand armed policemen. There were over ten military trucks and armored cars patrolling the streets.

The Rabgya (Rab-rgya; Ch. Lajia) monastery in Machen (Rma-chen; Ch. Maqing) County of the Golok Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province held a peaceful protest.

Meanwhile, there were also protests in many monasteries, including Cone (Ch. Zhuoni), and Gyagar ( Gya-gar; Ch. Qiagai in Ling-than County, Ch. Lingtan County) monasteries. So far there have not been any clashes.

Tibetan students in Tso (Gtsos; Ch. Hezhuo) Teacher’s College in Karlho (Ch. Gannan), Qinghai Teacher’s College and some other Tibetan schools in Kardze (Ch. Ganzi) and Ngawa (Ch. Aba) also held protests.

On March 16, on important roads in Lhasa and the number two ring road arrested Tibetans were paraded through the streets in military vehicles. There were two vehicles driving through the streets and in the two vehicles were 40 young Tibetan men and women with their hands tied behind their backs and their heads forcibly bowed down, and each person was held from behind by a soldier carry a rifle.

March 17, 2008

In the morning, all the monks of Rongwu monastery in Rebgong (Tongren County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province) made incense offering at the mountain pass to the west of Rongwu Monastery, reciting in unison prayers for the Dalai Lama. The armed policemen who came to stop them were driven away. After they finished making incense offering, the monks were about to go on protest in downtown, but they were persuaded to go back to their monastery by lay people who were crying out loud and pleading them not to go. At that time, the armed policemen were on high alert. In the end, the monks made several demands to the government via the reincarnated lama of the monastery Sharitsang Rinpoche: the armed policemen cannot patrol around the monastery; dismantle the security cameras installed in the monastery; Buddhist activities such as making incense offering should not be stopped unreasonably. The local government agreed to all the demands. However, in the afternoon, the local officials organized work teams to visit Tibetan families, forcing Tibetans to sign their name on the written pledge. They had to pledge not to go on protest etc. At the same time, on March 18, police with special duties from Xining were dispatched to Rebgong.


Tibetan students in the Southwestern Institute for Nationalities stages a protest and sit-in on the campus in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province.


March 18, 2008

At 10:30 am, nearly 200 Tibetan students at the Teacher’s College for Nationalities in Qinghai Teacher’s University staged a silent sit-in on campus. Their slogan was “mourning.” Many teachers came to persuade them to stop the sit-in. It ended at 2:30pm.

Beijing University required minority students to fill out a chart to answer the following questions (in fact, they were targeting Tibetan students): 1. The place of the Dalai Lama in your heart; 2. the detailed address or work unit of one’s parents; 3. the student’s Identification card No; 4. the student need to pledge not to participate in any demonstration, sit-in or political activies.


长达7-9天,拉萨的哲蚌寺、色拉寺、甘丹寺仍被当局关闭,在军警的围困之中,由于被停止供水、关闭周边饭馆,使得寺院僧众生活陷入极大困境。呼吁外界关注三大寺僧侣的危急情况。March 19 The mass arrest in Lhasa is still going on, but we are yet to know the number of people arrested so far. According to the Xinhua News report, there were already 105 people who volutarily gave themselves up to the police. It has been seven to nine days since Drepung, Sera and Ganden Monasteries have been closed by the authroities, and they are still surrounded by riot police. Due to the fact that water supply was cut off and the restaurants in the neighborhool were closed, the monks met great difficulty in their daily life. I appeal to the outside world to pay attention to the critical situation of the monks in the Three Great Monasteries in Lhasa


All foreign journalists are not only forbidden to go to Lhasa, but also banned to visit any Tibetan areas in Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan provinces, etc. On every road there are armed police searching and preventing journalists from visiting these areas. A foreign journalist went on a fifteen-hour bus ride today, but he was not able to enter any of the Tibetan area. In the end, the policemen arbitrarily ordered him to go to Lanzhou airport to return to Beijing, and the reason given to him was that “the Tibetan areas are not safe.” The journalist derided “can it be that here is more dangerous than Iraq?”

March 17
Monks in Tarshu (Ch. Taxiu) monastery in Mangra (Mang-ra; Ch. Guinan) County, Amdo (Tsolho [Hainan] Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province) held the peaceful protest, but they were stopped by policemen on their way to the county seat, and were driven back to the monastery.

下午六时,安多(青海省果洛藏族自治州)久治县大龙寺举行和平抗议游行,参加 者约有千人,并把所在地方的中国国旗降下,升了西藏国旗。
At 6:00pm in the afternoon, about 1,000 people participated in the peaceful protest in Talung (Stag-lung; Ch. Dalong) monastery in Cikgril (Gcig-sgril County, Ch. Jiuzhi) County, Amdo (Golok Tibetan autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province). They replaced the Chinese flag in the region with the Tibetan flag.

Over 200 monks in Lungge monastery (Ch. Longgai) in Cikgril County, Amdo (Golok Tibetan autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province) held peaceful protests. Earlier, monks of the monastery participated in the peaceful protest held in Barkhor street in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, and there were arrested.


At 7:00pm, nearly 300 people in Mantang Township (Ch: Mentang), Cikgril county, Amdo (Golok Tibetan Atutonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province) held peaceful protest, and they raised the Tibetan flag.

Tibetan students in Mewa ( Rma ba; Ch. Hongyuan) Tibetan Middle School in Amdo (Ngawa Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province) were stopped by the policemen and teachers when they attempted to go out of their campus to protest. A few student leaders were arrested, but they were released after sit-in held by the students.

Tibetans in Seta (Ch. Seda) County, Kham (Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) held peaceful protest.

March 18, Chenghua hospital in Chengdu (which is said to be a hospital used only for Tibetans, but if Tibetans have a condition they cannot treat at the Chenghua hospital, the Tibetans are then able to be sent to a bigger hospital), the number of Tibetans is unknown) attacks on local police, with 8 officers injured, one person seriously injured, Tibetan[?s] fleeing to Chenghua hospital, arrested, according to eye-witness accounts, the Tibetan[s?] was beaten to a bloody pulp by the police. It’s said that a No 78 bus going from Chengdu to Lhasa Hotel was bombed.

March 18, at around 4:00 in the afternoon, more than 300 Tibetans demonstrated in Lithang in Kardze TAP in Kham, and people were arrested.

On March 18 in the afternoon, in Hezuo, Kanhlo Prefecture in Gansu Province, 155 large military trucks entered the town.

On March 18, In an area of Golog in Golog Prefecture in Qinghai Province, including Zhaquka [?], there was a large scale riot of people at demonstration, with lots of townships lowering the Chinese flag and raising Buddhist flags before being suppressed by the military. There have been serious clashes between both sides and many Tibetans have been shot dead, an unknown number of injuries, the majority being ordinary people.

On March 18, mass arrests were still happening in Lhasa, with soldiers standing guard at main intersections checking the ID of passers by, and they’re stopping and searching Tibetans in traditional clothes in particular. Many soldiers have been storming into people’s homes to make arrests, viciously beating them with batons and firing tear gas at people standing round watching. Just in Xuexin Village [?] at about 4:30 three people were arrested in the space of about half an hour, one of whom was about 50 years old dressed very formally and looking like a cadre. He was tied up and beaten, but he kept his head up proud and defiant; the other two people taken away were youths and looked like they were from Lhasa.

According to reliable information, at least 600 people were arrested in Lhasa on the 15th; at least 300 on the 16th but with all the arrests on the 17th and 18th the numbers are still not known.

Again according to reliable information heard from the Lhasa Public Security Bureau, from the 14th onwards, the authorities canceled the prohibition on firing weapons. Troops and police could fire at will.

March 18
In the morning, monks in Darthang (Dar-thang; Ch. Datang) monastery in Amdo ( Cikgril County, the Golok Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province) began to hold peaceful protest, later, several thousand students and other common people joined the protest. They were determined to adhere to the non-violent peaceful protest.

Approximately 10,000 people in Kardze County in Kham (Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province) held protest, and several thousand farmers and herdsmen from Drakgo (Brag-‘go; Ch. Luhuo) county also rushed to join the protesters. Three protesters were killed by armed policemen who fired at the protesters. Meanwhile, a great number of leaflets were distributed in Drakgo region.

At that night, several thousand monks and lay people in Seta County, Kham (Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture), protested against the authorities, but they were dispersed by the armed policemen.

3月19日 March 19

The arrest in Lhasa is still going on, but we are yet to know the number of people arrested so far. According to the Xinhua News report, there were already 160 people who voluntarily gave themselves up to the police

西藏电视台文艺频道和拉萨电视台用藏汉语播放1号、2号、3号通缉令,有超过20名藏人被通缉,其中有2个僧人,1个女性,都是从录像上截取后放大的照片。据说拉萨被逮捕的藏人已达上千,有3个 藏人拒捕,跳楼自杀。凡被捕藏人都被军警用铁棒、铁棍严酷殴打。围观者中的藏人都表示同情,不忍目睹;但许多汉人都为之欢呼,连说”活该”。满街军人严查 藏人身份证或户口,藏人基本不敢闭门不出,走在街上的基本是汉人。香港凤凰电视台的节目上吹嘘拉萨已经恢复正常生活,但是采访的几位所谓”拉萨市民”全是 汉人,仿佛拉萨已是汉人的城市。
The Art and Literature Channel of Tibet TV Station and Lhasa TV Station broadcasted No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 Order of Arrest in both Tibetan and Chinese. Over 20 Tibetans were issued the Order of arrest, among whom there are two monks and one woman. Their photos are enlarged from pictures the authorities obtained from the [security] videos. It is said that over 1,000 Tibetans have been arrested so far. There were three Tibetans resisted arrest, and they committed suicide by jumping off the buildings. All those Tibetans who have been arrested were cruelly beaten with iron club and steel rod by the armed police. Tibetan onlookers all expressed their sympathy, and could not bear to see them suffering; but many Han Chinese were cheering for such actions, repeatedly saying “Serve them right!” Soldiers on all the streets are strictly checking the I.D. card or household registration of Tibetans. Tibetans basically dare not to go outside, and most passengers on the streets are Han Chinese. In one of the programs of Hong Kong Phoenix TV Station it is boasted that residents in Lhasa has already restored their normal life, but a few so-called Lhasa residents they interviewed are all Han Chinese, and it seems that Lhasa is already a Han Chinese city.


The People’s Procuratorate of Lhasa sanctioned that 24 Tibetans have been formally arrested. The number does not include the 12 Tibetans who were issued the Order of Arrest, but among the 12 people, one person was already arrested. This person is not included in the list of the 24 Tibetans.

According to news from Tibetan areas in Qinghai province, every village in many areas are surrounded by soldiers and armed police, and tight security is in force. It is said that troops transferred to these regions are from Lanzhou Military Region.

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