Amid Human Rights Protests, A Look at China’s Record

In the wake of global protests over China’s human rights record, the Christian Science Monitor takes a look at the complexities behind the issue in China and answers some Frequently Asked Questions on the topic:

…What is the human rights picture really like in China, and how has it changed over the past quarter of a century?

As with so much else in China, the situation is mixed, sometimes confused, and often hard to make out with precision. Some observers like to point to the progress China has made toward international norms; others prefer to stress how far it still is from reaching them.

The imminence of the Games, and the Chinese government’s effort to use them as a showcase for its achievements, have polarized the debate. Here, the Monitor tries to cut through the rhetoric with an outline explanation of the key issues.

April 10, 2008 2:23 PM
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