China Defends Anti-piracy Efforts

From AP:

Officials defended China’s efforts to stop rampant copying of movies and other goods, saying Thursday that 4,322 people were convicted of product piracy last year and promising special efforts to protect Olympics-related trademarks.

China is the world’s biggest source of illegally copied goods and trade groups say violations are growing despite increased penalties and repeated crackdowns. The illicit trade is fueling tensions with Washington, which has filed a World Trade Organization case over Beijing’s failure to stamp it out.

“The Chinese government has taken concrete steps and its success is there for all to see,” Yi Xintian, a spokesman for the State Intellectual Property Office, said at a news conference.

In an annual report, the agency said authorities seized nearly 76 million pirated movies, software discs and other goods last year and shut down 13,170 piracy-oriented businesses.

April 17, 2008, 6:39 PM
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