Poem: To My Wife, From Jail

Blogger Catherine A Yeung translated the following poem on her Under the Jacaranda Tree blog:

is a legal scholar and a good friend of . He co-authored an open letter “The Real China and the Olympics” with . He has also been active in advocating for Hu since he was arrested. Teng was kidnapped on 6 March and was illegally detained for 2 days before he was released without charge. During his detention, the police threatened to arrest him and to have him dismissed from his position at the university if he did not stop raising ’s case, writing about the Olympics, and accepting interviews from foreign journalists.

I am dedicating this translation to Hu Jia. According to an AFP report quoted by China Digital Times, Hu Jia’s verdict will be announced this Thursday. I wish him good luck and I will remember him and his family in my prayer.

April 1, 2008 10:40 AM
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