China to Be World’s Top Manufacturer of Green Energy

From Bloomberg:

China, the world’s biggest greenhouse- gas emitter, is poised to lead world production of solar cells, wind power turbines and low-carbon technology.

China is already the world’s largest renewable-energy producer as measured by installed generating capacity, according to a report today from the Climate Group, a coalition of companies and governments that support solutions to global warming. The country is also the world’s top manufacturer of solar cells and will be the leading exporter of wind turbines by 2009.

China’s position as a renewable-energy consumer and manufacturer runs counter to its ranking as one of the world’s biggest polluters and the country’s rapid expansion of coal-fired power generation. About 75 percent of China’s electricity comes from coal, said Wu Changhua, China director for the Climate Group, who is based in Beijing.

August 1, 2008, 10:22 AM
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