Why China Wants Creativity

How might a ‘creative economy’ be developed for China?  Michael Keane at Creative Economy reflects:

“They eat the meat and we have the bone; they eat the rice and we have the husk.” According to Li Wuwei, the author of a new book, Creative Industries are Changing China, these are the sentiments of many Chinese.

Li is referring to the Made in China phenomenon, the economic dominance of Chinese factories. He calls these “sweat industries,” and he criticises the fact that the profits from these kinds of industries usually go overseas. For Li is time to change China’s development model.

[…]Li Wuwei believes that China’s economic success is no longer limited to attracting foreign enterprises and capital through favourable policies, constructing large-scale industrial precincts, and promoting science and technology. The secret lies in the diversion of attention from “material” to “people,” and the construction of what he calls a “creative community.”

March 25, 2009, 2:35 PM
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