Image: The Desktop of a “Great Firewall Climber”

With the recent massive migration of “Google Dove“,  “Climbing the Wall” has become a growing  sport among  Chinese netizens.   While there is no single silver bullet which offers the ultimate solution for circumventing the Great FIrewall, there are dozens of tools which can do the job.  A really geeky and determined “Wall Climber” needs more than just a few back-up tools to accomplish his/her mission, since the Great Firewall is still quite capable of upgrading itself for more efficient blocking, including blocking many of those tools.  So the Wall and “Climbing the Wall” is a cat-and-mouse arms race.  This screenshot, entitled “Desktop of a Wall Climber,”  is currently making the rounds in Chinese cyberspace and gives us an idea of what an obssessed “Wall Climber’s” desktop looks like.

Photo source: GFW Blog: