More Chinese Officials Selected through Competitive Elections, Reflecting Increased Fairness

Xinhua via Global Times reports on the selection of three officials through democratic decision-making:

Three key Ministry of Public Security (MPS) department heads have taken office after several rounds of “competitive ,” reflecting increased openness, fairness and democratic decision-making in the selection of officials.

The three new MPS bureau heads are: Wu Heping, director of the Publicity Department; Liu Yuejin, director of the Drug Control Bureau; and Bi Xiaoming, head of the Bureau for Retirees.

The three were selected out of the 311 candidates who were interviewed for the positions.

Yang Fengrui, former Drug Control Bureau director and Liu’s predecessor, said 35 people recommended themselves for the three posts and that other candidates were recommended by colleagues and superiors.

“The selection process was greatly opened to voters’ views, enabling them to elect the most capable people. Previously, only leaders could nominate candidates, and the selection process was opaque,” Yang said.

July 26, 2010 12:41 PM
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