National Cable TV Network Soon

China Daily reports on the planned consolidation of China’s radio and television networks:

“The nation’s radio and television networks need to be consolidated under one roof as currently they are individually run and have not developed into large-scale entities,” said Tao Shiming, director of the ’s society administration bureau.

At present, there are 1,000 radio and television networks in China, and are run by different operators at varied administrative levels. The absence of a nationwide and unified network comes in the way of their plan to compete with others for the opportunities that arise from the convergence of technologies, said industry experts.

Tao said the consolidation exercise is likely to start at the provincial level by the end of this year and culminate in nationwide consolidation later.

“All networks in the nation are likely to be integrated in three years,” said Zeng Huiming, deputy secretary-general of the cable TV committee of the China Radio and Television Association.

August 26, 2010 9:43 PM
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