Video: Most Human Dominoes? They’re in China

The city of in Inner Mongolia helped China set another by assembling the largest number of people to create a chain of human dominoes. From the Christian Science Monitor:

It is clearly not enough for the Chinese to be the most numerous people on earth, nor to emit the most greenhouse gases, nor even to win the most gold medals at Olympic Games. No global record, it seems, however daft, is beyond their ambition.

On Friday, China secured another world record, of the sort registered by the Guinness Book of these things: The most human dominoes.

Translation: 10,267 people in Ordos, in Inner Mongolia, sat down cross-legged in lines and slowly collapsed backwards into the lap of the person behind, one after the other, like toppling dominoes.

Video from ITN:

August 13, 2010 11:50 PM
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