Burmese Villagers Question China over Impact of Dam

Minority groups in Burma () are protesting Chinese on the Nam Mao River. From the Bangkok Post:

The groups yesterday released a 20-page report titled “High And Dry: The cross-boundary impacts of China’s Longjiang Dam”, which claims the dam is the main reason for unusually low water levels in the Nam Mao River in northern Shan state.

The Nam Mao originates in China, where it is known as the Longjiang River, and Longjiang Dam is located in Dehong prefecture of Yunnan province, 25km from the China-Burma border.

The report, compiled in August and September, contains accounts from people living in 10 villages.

Charm Tong, a member of the Shan Women’s Action Network, said at least 16,000 people living along the Nam Mao in Burma had encountered difficulties because of the low water levels.

“Unpredictable increases and decreases in the water level have caused water transport businesses to lose two-thirds of their income,” she said. “They are now suffering very much.”

See also a report from the Washington Post.

December 14, 2010 2:09 PM
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