Put on the Spot: Tough Question for Wanda Chairman

Lenovo President Liu Chuanzhi surprises Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin with a question about his accumulated wealth and his father’s revolutionary past, Sina.com reports. The Ninth Annual China Corporate Leadership Meeting opened Dec. 4 in Beijing. This year’s theme was “New Commerce, New Consensus, New Motivation.” At the meeting, Wanda Commercial Properties Co., LTD. Chairman Wang Jianlin won the lifetime achievement award for the top 25 most influential corporate leaders. Presenting the award: Lenovo President and Chairman of the Board Liu Chuanzhi Reasons for the award: “Heaven granted me life, so I must live. Spread a thousand pieces of gold and it will come back.” (from a Li Bai poem) If he had lived in antiquity, he would have been more willing to become a general. In reality, he’s the greatest symbol of commercial real estate, and an ascetic monk of philanthropy. Soon he will establish his own million-dollar charity fund. He is ever-responding to the call of his country, rescuing Chinese soccer. He is a man of the greater good, a man divorced from bad taste, a man of benefit to the people. On the spot Q & A: Liu Chuanzhi: I’m not sure if everyone knows that Jianlin’s father is a Red Army veteran. His mind is still healthy and clear today. When the Red Army was engaging in revolution at that time, they were to subvert the rich entirely. Now his son has become the richest of people. I would like to ask how you and your father talk at home. Does he detest you or like you? If he likes you, is it that he only likes his rich son? Does he detest all the rich or like all the rich? Wang Jianlin: This isn’t the original question President Liu prepared for me. In the beginning, my ...
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