Russell Leigh Moses: Four China Political Trends to Watch in 2011

For the Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time blog, Russell Leigh Moses gives his predictions for important trends to watch in China in 2011:

This year will likely go down in history as a year when the Chinese government showed its mastery of crisis management.

The leadership in Beijing sidestepped financial crisis, deftly handled rising labor costs and unrest in the workforce, and managed to adapt to a declining export market. Unstable commodity prices and supplies are still a problem; so, too, inflation. Still, every time an economic storm erupted, the Party danced between the downpours. Nothing seemed beyond the capacities of Communist Party officials to cope.

So, what does next year hold?

He then provides his analysis for what he says are the four trends to watch: The Political Succession , Party-Military Relations, Reform, and .

December 21, 2010, 11:36 PM
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