Remarkable Quotes from the Fifty Cent Party: Anti-Jasmine Revolution Tweets

Since the first tweet calling for “Jasmine Revolution” protests went viral on the Chinese Internet, the Chinese state machine has gone into overdrive to prevent this imagined uprising. Among other visible measures such as arresting activists, censoring the Chinese Internet, and sending police to every designated “protest” site, Chinese Twitter users have noticed that suddenly a new group of Chinese Twitter accounts opened and became active during the last week. Some of these accounts have forged the names of activists and even included avatar photos of dissidents and activists. Most of the messages sent from these accounts, which have been tracked and compiled by other Chinese Twitter users, include pro-government comments typically sent by the so-called 50 Cent Party. CDT has translated a selection of these tweets:

@kesen7 李成龙: 美国真“好”,对内民主,对外专制,让他国“民主”便于其插手他国事物,最终实现其统治世界的目的。我们看到的是美国要和平演变我们,美帝亡我之心不死。 8 hours ago
@kesen7 Li Chenglong: America is such a “nice” country, while its own people enjoy the privilege of democracy, it acts like a dictator in terms of international relationships. It tries to “democratize” other countries, and become involved in their internal affairs as a pretext for one day ruling the world. What we can see is that America wants to “peacefully transform” us. The empire of the United States of America always wishes our destruction.

@kesen7 李成龙: 以史为镜可以正衣冠,苏联曾经多么辉煌,后来人们动摇了,最终沦落成众独联体作鸟兽散,要钱没钱、要人没人、要科技没科技,俄罗斯要想突破重重枷锁重新崛起,恐怕要等上百年了。 8 hours ago
@kesen7 Li Chenglong: As the old saying goes, history can be used as a mirror. The Soviet Union was such a glorious country, but because the people were lacking firm resolve, the country eventually disintegrated. Look at Russia now, it has no money, no human resources, and no competitive technology. To see the rise of Russia again, we would probably have to wait for more than a hundred years.

@kesen7 李成龙: 日本鹦鹉们请闭嘴吧,别拿着美国爹玩剩下的东西当宝贝,当今世界激烈竞争的环境下,我们中国要是不能强硬坚持自己的发展道路,必然死的 很惨,我们有自己的民众,现在美国是想害谁就给谁整民主,俄罗斯、乌克兰、吉尔吉斯斯坦都民主了,怎么样 8 hours ago
@kesen7 Li Chenglong: Please shut up, Japanese parrot, don’t treat American daddy’s leftover as treasure. In a competitive international environment, if China can’t stick to its own development path, China will be thrown out brutally. We have our own people. Nowadays, whichever country America wants to destroy, it “democratizes” them; Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan are all successfully democratized, so what?

@kesen4 李建龙: 这几天老有警察跟我说不要参与茉莉花的事,我说sb才参与呢 16 hours ago
@kesen4 Li Jianlong: Recently there were some police officers who told me not to participate in the “Jasmine” thing. I replied that only idiots would participate.

@meimeib1101: 都TMD是浮云,政治从来都是真真假假、虚虚实实,纵观几千年闹来闹去的所谓的革命最后吃亏的总是我们老百 姓。我只知道我家上有老下有小,我自己过我自己的小老百姓日子挺好,我是来打酱油的,勿谈国事,政治是肮脏的都是骗子,大家要保护好自己。 17 hours ago
@meimeib1101: It’s all f* “floating clouds[1], politics is always uncertain, take a look at all the so-called “revolutions” in the thousands of years of human history, the ordinary people are always the ultimate victim. The only fact I care about is that I have both young and old in my family. The ordinary life I lead is satisfying. I am here only to “fetch some soy sauce”[2] but not to discuss national affairs. Politics is always dirty; politicians are all liars; you guys should know how to protect yourselves.

@meimeib1101: 孩子们,我现在都是四十多岁的人了,我们这波人参加过的事情恐怕大家都有所耳闻,看见你们狂发这些东西,想起了我们当年激 昂亢奋的情景。但现在回想起当年我们是多么幼稚,其实年轻的我们根本不懂什么是社会什么是国家什么是政治,年轻可以有激愤、可以有想法,但千万不要毁了自 己。 17 hours ago meimeib1101: Kids, I am more than forty years old, I think more or less you have heard about the event of our generation.[3] Seeing the internet full of these kind of thoughts, I start to remember how excited and passionate we were. However, this also reminds me how immature and inexperienced we were at that time. We were too young to understand what a society is, what a country is, and what politics are. Youngsters are allowed to be passionate and full of ideas, but beware of the self-destruction that goes along with it.

@meimeib1101: 民主了我们就会有好多派别,这样美国支持一派势力、俄罗斯支持一派势力、日本支持一派势力……,哈哈中国人最擅长当汉奸出卖国家利益了,窝里斗最强,到时候中国的历史又轮回了。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: If we are democratized, there will be bunch of groups. America would support one, Russia another and Japan another…haha. Chinese people are famous for being traitors who sell out the national interests, and Chinese people are good at fighting against each other. When the time comes, China’s history will repeat itself again.

@meimeib1101: 都是在网上说的轻巧,真正实施起来哪有那么容易,许多都要考虑,虽然现在生活貌似说的不好,但什么是好?!等动乱了,吃不着,穿不上,没事干,生命都没保障了!! 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: It is much easier to talk about things online, then it is to actually put them into practice. There are more matters to consider. Although [China’s] standard of living has been criticized, what is a good standard of living? Wait until there is no stability in the country; there will be no food, no clothes and no job. Our very lives would not be protected!!

@meimeib1101: 我觉得现在过得不错,美国什么的就没有阴暗面了?事物都是两面的,我可不愿冒着倒退的危险去革命,回头再真把自己命革了,这不是吃饱了撑的吗! 17 hours ago meimeib1101yuan: I am satisfied with the way things are. Does America have no dark side? Each coin has two sides, I am not willing to participate in any revolution which risks deteriorating my quality of life. What if I were to lose my life in the revolution? I am not that dumb.

@meimeib1101: 大傻冒去散步,大傻子去鲜花,放着安省日子不过,跑大街上喝冷风去,弄个扰乱秩序罪到牢房待几天就美了?! 17 hours ago meimeib1101yuan: Only dumbasses would go “for a walk”[4], only idiots would go and lay flowers. Why leave the good life and go out into the cold and windy street. Wait until you are put in jail for the charge of social disturbance, you will definitely feel more satisfied then!

@meimeib1101: 这中国要是动乱了,得让多少西方国家和臭小日本,印度阿三什么的偷着笑。我觉得万万不能搞这种事,这不是搬起石头砸自己的脚,脑袋进水了。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: If this country, China fell into chaos just think how many Western countries, stinky Japanese, Indian bastards, etc. would be secretly laughing at us? I feel like we absolutely cannot let this happen. This isn’t like picking up a rock to hit one’s foot. Those people are messed up in the head.

@meimeib1101: 我坚决反对,共产党是有腐败,有错误,但你们敢说你们党派就没有??!你们就那么光明磊落?说没有谁都不信,你们无非就借着这次机会夺权上位,然后有机会大捞特捞,你们是爽了,但我们老百姓呢,苦的是我们! 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: I absolutely oppose this. While the Communist Party may be corrupt and may make mistakes, but are you people willing to say that your political party does not have any of those issues??! Can you say that you are so upright? Even if you were to claim this no one would believe. You should not steal this opportunity to seek power and authority which you use to exploit even further. You may be very smug about this but it is us ordinary people that will suffer.

@meimeib1101: 说这些话的人太恶毒了,简直是司马昭之心路人皆知啊,不就是自己想当中国领导人吗,然后呼风唤雨,奴役我们?!想都别想!! 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: People who are saying these things [encouraging a jasmine revolution] are totally evil. Their evil intentions are abundantly clear. Isn’t it the case that they themselves are attempting to be the rulers of China and then use their power to enslave us?! Don’t even think about it!!!

@meimeib1101: 凭心而论,中国是有不平等的地方,但是和50年前比,难道不是变好了? 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: speaking from the heart, while it’s true that China has some inequities, when you compare China to how it was 50 years ago, you can only conclude that things have gotten better.

@meimeib1101: 帝国主义从来都是纸老虎,不要指望他们对咱们社会有什么推动重要,当年八国联军只知道掠夺的本性还不明显吗,难道你们还没看清他们面目吗! 17 hours ago meimeib1101yuan: Imperialism has always been a paper tiger. You shouldn’t hope that they have any great contribution to our society. When the Eight-Nation Alliance swept into China [in 1900] they only thing they knew how to do was to plunder. Isn’t this abundantly clear? Is it possible that you haven’t seen their true faces!

@meimeib1101:埃及的教训还不明显吗,你们投靠美国,没有价值的时候也会被他们无情甩掉!! 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: The lesson from Egypt is abundantly clear. You can turn to America but when you are of no value [to America], it will cast you aside without pity.

@meimeib1101: 五千年的中国历史证明中国适合一党专政,多党执政必乱,搞变革,受苦受难的只能是老百姓! 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Five-thousand years of Chinese history proves that China is best suited to a one party dictatorship. Multi-party rule will certainly sow chaos and change. Those who will suffer hardship and difficulty will be ordinary citizens!

@meimeib1101: 坚决痛斥卖国求荣的还假装道貌岸然的人,打着变革的旗号分裂中国,这是任何中华子民不允许的事,你们不配称自己中国人,别 再给祖国抹黑,滚回美国去!! 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: I resolutely reprimand those who seek personal glory by betraying their country while acting sanctimoniously [about their actions]. [I reprimand] those who use the banner of change to splinter China. No citizens of China will tolerate such actions. You are not worthy to call yourselves Chinese. Stop tarnishing the motherland and get the hell back to America.

@meimeib1101: 作为一个大国,如何学会承受各种压力,如何善于在压力甚至是打压之下更好地发展。上街游行不可取,扰乱了社会秩序,不利于社会的稳定。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: As a large country, learning how to bear this kind of pressure, how to develop better under this kind of pressure, even repression [thought not completed]. Taking to the streets to protest is not viable. It disturbs social order and is not beneficial to social stability.

@meimeib1101: 经历改革开放30多年,古老的中国日益焕发青春,进入了改革发展的关键期。中国正在走向强国之路,也在涵养大国心态。上街游行不是一种理智的行为,应该从合法的渠道来表达群众的民意。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: After thirty years of reform and opening up, the ancient country of China is daily exuding the exuberance of youth. [China] has entered the critical stage of its reforms and development. China is currently taking the path of [becoming] a strong country and is developing the attitude of a great nation. Taking to the streets in protest is not a rational action. [People] should use legal channels to express the will of the people.

@meimeib1101: 神经病吃饭吃堵着了吧没地方撒野跑那去浪去。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Insane. [It’s like] they’ve eaten until they’re all plugged up; with nowhere to go to behave badly, they just vent randomly.

@meimeib1101: 煞笔 游行操你妹的,没事瞎比搞,搞毛啊,真TM垃圾,脑残货有脑没脑。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: f***ing protests, go f*** your little sister, what f***ing garbage, what retards, don’t you have a brain?

@meimeib1101: 这次中东一些国家政变,是好事,是坏事,50年内看不出来,现阶段唯一一个能衡量好坏的是人民过的怎样,埃 及、突尼斯正在舔着自己的伤口,人民生活秩序完全打乱,文化的多元,信仰不同,使得每个地区有不同生活方式,只能说,没有最好的生活方式,只有最适合的生 活方式。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Whether or not these changes in government in some Middle Eastern countries are a good thing or a bad thing will be impossible to determine within the next fifty years. In the current stage, the only way to measure whether it is good or bad is to see how the people are faring. [People in] Egypt and Tunisia are currently licking their wounds; the order of people’s lives is in complete chaos. The pluralistic nature of the culture, the differences in religious belief—these cause every region to have different ways of living. One can only say that there is no one best way of living, there is only the way of living that suits people the best.

@meimeib1101: 改革是必要的,前进是必然的,任何制度都有缺陷,没有十全十美的制度,而每个制度所要做的是不断完善制度, 消除不公平、不正义,美国如此,中东也如此,没有必要打破现在相对公平的制度,套用西方的制度,记住,人类文化是多元的。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Reforms are necessary, progress is inevitable. Any system has its faults, there is no perfect system. However, what every system attempts to do is to continually improve upon the system, and eliminate unfairness and unjustness. America is this way and so is the Middle East. There is no need to tear down the relatively fair system that exists now and blindly copy the Western system. Remember, human culture is pluralistic.

@meimeib1101: 看待茉莉花革命,有一个误区,以为他是在争取革命,实际不是这样,这只是政治大亨的政治博弈,利益的重新分 配,财富又转移到另一小撮人的手里,改革要一步一步来,需要民众有公平、正义、利己利人的觉悟,这样的改革才是真正的为了人民。
meimeib1101: Those who are watching the jasmine revolutions often mistakenly think they are about producing a revolution. In actuality, this is not the case. This is just a game being played by the political big shots. This is just a redistribution of interests and a transfer of wealth into the hands of a relatively small group. Reforms must come step by step. Reforms require the people to have an awakening to the values of fairness, justice, and mutual benefits. Only this kind of reform is truly for the people.

@meimeib1101: 不要暴动,不要流血,茉莉花革命以暴力流血动乱换来另一个烂摊子而已,国家财富损失,人民正常的生产生活收到干扰,得不偿失啊。 17 hours ago meimeib1101yuan: Don’t be violent, don’t spill blood. The jasmine revolutions by using violence and spilling blood are proving themselves to be just another broken system. They damage a country’s assets and disrupt people’s ordinary lives and production without compensation.

@meimeib1101: 看到个数据,最近突尼斯那个事情,造成78人死亡,94人受伤,经济损失高达20亿美元。看看,值得吗,唯恐天下不乱的小人们啊,消停消停吧 17 hours ago meimeib1101yuan: According to statistics, that thing in Tunisia has caused 78 deaths, 94 injuries and economic damage greater than two billion US dollars. Just look at it. Is it worth it? You troublemakers who are best pleased when there is no peace under heaven—cut it out immediately.

@meimeib1101: 什么垃圾茉莉花革命,瞎掺合,去死吧,让世界平静一些吧 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: What garbage, this jasmine revolution. Go die. Let the world have some peace and quiet.

@meimeib1101: 愚蠢,愚昧的人,参加所谓“茉莉花革命”,你们能得到什么利益啊,被被别人当枪使,傻玩意儿 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Silly, foolish people. What benefit have you gotten from participating in this jasmine revolution? You’ve been used as a weapon by others. What idiocy.

@meimeib1101: 回去搞对门老婆才是王道,游行有啥意思 17 hours ago
meimeib1101yuan: What you really should do is to go f*** your neighbor’s wife. Protests are pointless.

@meimeib1101: 大家镇定,好好给自己女朋友培育玫瑰花吧,什么破茉莉花革命,去他丫的 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Everyone calm down, just focus on cultivating a nice rose for your girlfriend. What bullsh*** jasmine revolution. Go f**** it.

@meimeib1101: 一帮脑袋里都是大粪的青年上街游行哪?别丢你爸的脸了
meimeib1101: What are a bunch of kids doing with sh*** for brains doing protesting? Don’t make your daddy lose face.

@meimeib1101: 稳定压倒一切一切一起我们不要被国外的分裂分子蛊惑了
meimeib1101: Stability is paramount. Let’s not allow ourselves to be seduced by foreign separationist forces.

@meimeib1101: 埃及搞革命18天股市暴跌50%!人民会幸福?广大的股民们!不要跟着瞎起哄啊!亏死你们!
meimeib1101: In 18 days of Egypt’s revolution their stock market dropped 50%. Is this making people happy? All you stockholders out there, don’t make such mischief blindly!

@meimeib1101: 都21世纪了,还搞什么革命啊,想社会倒退啊
meimeib1101: It’s already the 21st century, what are doing trying to make a revolution. Are you trying to set society back?

@meimeib1101: 家和万事兴!埃及人民的苦日子在后头呢
meimeib1101: Everything will go well is one’s family in harmony. The bitter days of the Egyptian people are before them.

@meimeib1101: 好好在家安居乐业吧,革什么命啊,瞎玩 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Stay at home, get on with your life. What “revolution” is this? It’s just a silly game.

@meimeib1101: 茉莉花,死全家 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Jasmine flowers have deadly powers.

@meimeib1101: 谁选的茉莉花啊,有人同意么,有人批准么,瞎搞聚会这不是乱来么,算了吧,最后自己还要承担责任 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: Who picked “Jasmine”? Does anyone agree? Does anyone approve? Messing around with these groups is just foolish, that’s all there is to it. In the end, you’ve still got to take responsibility for yourself.

@meimeib1101: 你让年轻人去参加中国的茉莉花革命,还不如祈祷学校食堂的饭菜价格猛涨来得有意义,对学生有吸引力何影响力 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: You’re asking young people to go out and take part in China’s Jasmine Revolution, but you’d be better off praying for the food prices in their school canteens to soar: that’d be more attractive and influential to them.

@meimeib1101: 不知道明天会不会有参加茉莉花革命的网友痛骂人民的愚昧,去了之后发现,屁事也搞不起来,只是自己被骗了 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: I wonder whether tomorrow some of the netizens taking part in this Jasmine Revolution and scolding the ignorance of the masses might realise, once they’ve gone, that their little game didn’t accomplish anything, and they’re the only ones who’ve been cheated.

@meimeib1101: 这个中国茉莉花行动是一挺好的行为艺术策划,没事搞什么革命啊,搞搞艺术吧 17 hours ago
meimeib1101: This Chinese Jasmine movement is a very artsy proposal. Nothing to do with revolution, it’s just a performance.

@meimeib1101 yuan: 好好一个周末你们怎么就不能让国保、网管、警察们休息休息呢?非要山寨一次茉莉花革命。 17 hours ago
meimeib1101 yuan: Why can’t you just let the DSD, webmasters and police take the weekend off? Do you have to go through with this phoney “Jasmine Revolution”?

@meimeib1101 yuan: 革命的意义再于创造幸福生活,我们现在生活得挺不错的,小康社会呢,还需要革命么 17 hours ago
meimeib1101 yuan: The whole point of a revolution is to bring back a happy life, but our lives now are just fine. We’ve got a peaceful and prosperous society, who needs revolution?

@sikaozhe 思考者: 中国需要革命吗?中国现在经济的高速发展,都是被你们这些人搞乱的。 17 hours ago
sikaozhe: Does China need a revolution? You people would just mess up China’s current rapid economic development.

@leofreebug leofreebug: 我的网闪断了,我觉得这事情不靠谱。这网上说的事谁能做主啊,万一到时候被抓进去了,谁把我救出来啊 21 Feb
leofreebug leofreebug: My web connection got cut off. I think this situation is getting out of hand. Who’ll take responsibility for talking this up online? If it happens that I’m arrested, who’s going to rescue me?

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 游行解决不了问题,只会给政府添乱,影响国家的发展计划,希望民众都能保持清醒的头脑,不要人云亦云。
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: Marches can’t resolve problems, they’ll just give the government trouble, and affect the country’s development plan. I hope people can keep cool heads; don’t just parrot each others’ words.

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 很多事情都可以和平解决,为什么一定要采取极端的方式?显然,群聚示威的行为会激化社会矛盾,也让许多围观群众情绪激动,易发生流血冲突从而造成不必要的损伤!21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: A lot of things can be resolved by peaceful means; why do we have to adopt extreme measures? Obviously, mass protests could intensify social conflict and stir up bystanders: there could easily be violence, leading to unnecessary harm!

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 每次政治革命,牺牲的都是百姓的幸福,大家一定要擦亮眼。
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: Every time there’s a political revolution, it’s at the expense of the common people’s happiness. Everyone’s got to open their eyes.

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 又是外国人挑事让中国人自己干自己吧。 21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: This is foreigners stirring up trouble again, getting Chinese to do their dirty work.

yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 网上的消息多数是假的,谣言! 21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: Most information online is false. It’s just rumours!

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 相信中国有能力解决自己发展道路上的问题,中国在什么时候也不会走向歧途RT 21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: I believe China can solve its own problems along the path of development, but that doesn’t mean we can’t head down a wrong turn at times like this.

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 美国把中国视为最强大的敌人,千方百计对中国进行干涉破坏,千万不要上当受骗啊 21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: The US sees China as its greatest enemy, and one way or another, they’ll sabotage our progress. Don’t be duped!

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 美国整完了伊斯兰世界,整阿拉伯;整完了阿拉伯世界,回头再整伊朗伊斯兰世界。整完了伊朗,正在为整东南亚铺路。真是害群之马,唯恐世界不乱。对世界分而治之,浑水摸鱼。21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: America finished off the Islamic world, and punished the Arabs; that done, they did the same to Iranian muslims. And now, they’re paving the way for South East Asia. They’re really the bad apple, they’ll cast the whole world into chaos, dividing the world to conquer it, and muddying the water to catch fish.

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 日本鬼子关注中国能有什么好心,不想当汉奸的人们一定要警惕起来。 21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: The Japs are watching China closely to see our intentions; we’ve got to keep an eye out for traitors.

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 一个国家,无论怎样的民主与不民主,安定就是对世界的贡献――以“民主” 的名义去动荡别国,都是私利在其中 21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: Whether a country is democratic or not, its stability is a contribution to the world — using the name of “democracy” to bring turmoil to another country is all about selfish interests.

@yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 最近看了一条国际新闻,那就是埃及的动荡,总结出一个结论:那就是谁做美国的走狗,都没有什么好的下场,美国人永远都是过完河就拆桥的人! 21 Feb yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: I’ve seen a story in the international news lately, about the upheaval in Egypt. My conclusion, in short, is that it’s been brought about by the Americans’ running dogs, and no good will come of it. Americans are the sort who’ll blow up the bridge once they’re across it themselves.

yiwannianaini yiwannianaini: 就像原来乌克兰颜色革命一样,西方原来非常推崇,大势宣传这种民主革命,可后来革命后一两年内乌克兰国内依然不景气,失业率继续攀升,新政府执政能力弱, 经验不足,最后不得不下台,原政府恢复。关键的一个问题是,现在没有一个力量可以统一埃及政治力量,这样的内斗不断,谈何经济恢复?RT @js 21 Feb
yiwannianaini yiwannianaini Just as with the Ukrainian colour revolution before it, the West heaps praise on it at first, loudly proclaiming the democratic revolution … but within a year or two of the revolution, Ukraine’s in the same old slump, unemployment keeps rising, and the new government can barely rule. They’re too inexperienced, and in the end have no choice but to step down in favour of the old regime. A key problem is that there’s no political force at the moment that can unify Egypt, so this internal strife will continue. What chance is there of economic recovery?

lesley_mo lesley_mo: 说什么刘晓波的妻子刘霞上告诉朋友自己长期与亲友隔绝,精神面临崩溃,我看她生活的挺滋润的,难着外国友人的美金逍遥自在,怪不得那么多人不好好干活,非要瞎折腾,原来可以如此轻松的不劳而获,还是美金,啧啧!!20 Feb
lesley_mo lesley_mo: Whatever Liu Xiaobo’s wife, Liu Xia, told her friend about being cut off for a long time from her friends and family, and her morale collapsing, her life looks very comfortable to me, taking foreign friends’ US dollars and enjoying life. No wonder so many people don’t really work and just make trouble here, because they can just live off of US dollars! Wow!

wangwei7509 wangwei: 好好在家安居乐业吧,革什么命啊,瞎玩 20 Feb
wangwei7509 wangwei: Stay at home, get on with your life. What “revolution” is this? It’s just a silly game.

wangwei7509 wangwei: 总说共产党不好,你来管管15 亿人试试?绝大部分人能认可就是很了不起的成绩了!美国也不是所有人都说好的啊,要不哪那么多犯罪啊? 20 Feb
wangwei7509 wangwei: Those of you always going on about how bad the Communist Party is, why don’t you try governing 1.5 billion people for a bit? Winning the approval of the vast majority of people as they have is an amazing achievement! Not everyone gets along in America, either: why do you think there’s so much crime there?

wangwei7509 wangwei 我就是小屁民,我可不去散步,真让国保盯上了,天天喝茉莉花,估计得喝吐了。 20 Feb
wangwei7509 wangwei I’m just an ordinary guy, I can’t march, bringing the national treasure’s [5] attention on myself. They’d have me drinking Jasmine tea day after day till I had to spit it out.

[1]“floating clouds”(fuyun): illusionary, unreal. [2] “fetch soya source”(da jiang you): people who use internet just to take a look rather than make a statement. [3] 1989 Tian’anmen Square student protest [4] “go for a walk”: “protest” is a forbidden word to use, instead, people use “take a walk” to imply assemble and protest. [5] DSD ‘s nick name.


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