86,100 in Henan Displaced by South-North Water Diversion

Xinhua reports the imminent relocation of another 86,100 people in Henan as part of the South-North Water Diversion project.

Residents of Xichuan County, , which is located near the Danjiangkou Reservoir, will move to more than 80 sites in other parts of the province, said the provincial headquarters for relocation in the water diversion project’s Danjiangkou Reservoir area.

The resettlement will take four months to complete, according to a statement released by the headquarters.

Henan previously relocated 11,000 residents living near the reservoir in 2009 and another 64,900 in 2010 ….

The middle route, which will be completed in 2014, involves the relocation of 345,000 people living in close proximity to the Danjiangkou Reservoir, the source of the middle route and administered by neighboring Province.

Read more about the South-North Water Diversion project and the displacement of communities by reservoirs via CDT. An LA Times article from late last year offers a good overview of the water diversion project and the range of different perspectives on it. See also International Rivers’ coverage of the project.