Feng Jicai on Big Government

Writer, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference () standing committee member and Tianjin native Feng Jicai is quoted on Twitter comparing the governments of the U.S. and China:

: The U.S. doesn’t have the Central Committee Organizing Department, so it has no market for political titles; no Ministry of Land and Resources, so no forced demolition; no Ministry of Railways, so no train ticket scalpers; no Ministry of Propaganda, so journalists can investigate the truth; no Ministry of Culture, so culture flourishes; no , so people can make blockbusters; no Ministry of Science and Technology, so science and tech are developed; no State Ethnic Affairs Commission, so different groups get along; no State Administration for Religious Affairs, so religion can benefit people and society.


Feng is the author of Ten Years of Madness: Oral Histories of China’s Cultural Revolution, The Three-Inch Golden Lotus and other stories and novels.