China Investigates ‘Golden Rice’

As China tightens food safety regulations amid various accusations, including the discovery of a cancer-causing toxin in baby formula, China is now investigating claims that genetically-modified ‘Golden Rice’ was tested on Chinese children, from The Global Times: China has issued clear regulations on human biological medical research, and has always followed international conventions in line with the country’s own situation, spokesman Deng Haihua said in response to a question on a human trial of GM rice at a press conference on Tuesday. […] According to the China CDC on Monday, a Chinese researcher involved in the controversial testing of GM rice has been suspended from his work and been placed under investigation. China CDC is investigating whether dozens of children in central China’s Hunan Province were used as test subjects in a US-China joint research project in 2008 that included Golden Rice, a GM food. Greenpeace broke the news on the controversial test in late August, saying the joint research involved feeding Golden Rice, which is genetically modified to be rich in beta carotene, to 24 children aged between six and eight years old in Hunan. According to Reuters India, the research was a joint project between Chinese scientists and Tufts University: The research by Tufts University and other Chinese scientists was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in August. It aimed to demonstrate that the rice could provide a good source of vitamin A for children in countries where deficiency in the vitamin is common. Andrea Grossman, assistant director of public relations at Tufts University, told state news agency Xinhua in a recent interview the university was deeply concerned about the allegations and is reviewing protocols used in the 2008 research “to ensure the strictest standards were adhered to”. “We have always placed the highest importance on ...
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