ASEAN Calls for Talks With China on Sea Dispute

As the tensions between China and other countries over the sovereignty of the South China Sea continues, Reuters reports Southeast Asian leaders want to hold formal talks with China about the South China Sea disputes as soon as possible: Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen will tell Wen that ASEAN wants to begin talks on a binding Code of Conduct, aimed at reducing the chance of naval flashpoints, as soon as possible, ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsuwan told reporters. “Prime Minister Hun Sen himself will be discussing with the PM of China tonight and delivering this consensus on the ASEAN side,” Surin said. “They would like to see the commencement of the discussion as soon as possible because this is an issue of interest, concern and worry of the international community.” Asked about the ASEAN request for formal talks, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said consultations with ASEAN nations were ongoing and that the issue should not be a “stumbling block” for relations between China and the region. The United States has also played a continued role in the disputes, and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit earlier this year had reflected the tensions in the region. President Barack Obama will also visit Cambodia to attend the summit, from AP: U.S. President Barack Obama, would also fly to Cambodia to attend on Tuesday the so-called East Asia Summit, an annual forum where ASEAN leaders and their counterparts from eight other nations, including China and the United states, would discuss security and economic concerns. Washington has backed calls for the drafting of a South China Sea nonaggression pact. It’s unclear how China would respond, with ASEAN diplomats saying they have gotten unclear signals from Chinese officials. Obama was expected to reiterate Washington’s call for a legally-binding code of conduct in ...
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3 Responses to ASEAN Calls for Talks With China on Sea Dispute

  1. Will says:

    It is only proper that a multilateral code of conduct for the international waters in the South Sea (or East Sea, as Vietnam calls it) be negotiated in good faith in order to avoid totally unnecessary bloodshed and property loss.

  2. henry ford says:

    The question to the Chinese spokesman was what’s China’s position on the formal request for joint discussion with ASEAN about South China Sea/East Sea/West Philippines Sea ? Of course, the Chinese answer is “… well, consultations have been going on all the time… no need to talk now… let’ concentrate on the economic development… the disputed areas are peaceful, stable… don’t internationalize it, keep the West out… China treats other smaller countries with respect, dignity… the Philippines and Vietnam take advantage of China … China owns this sea since ancient time and no other country knows navigation… no other country has civilization, culture but China… everyone likes China… “. Well, what do we expect from China ? A country that’s in total denials of reality !

  3. Bo Peep says:

    Corrupt Communist China has no intention of resolving the matter. It hopes to grab land and seas by force to steal its neighbors property and resources.

    China should be left out of any free trade agreement in order to strengthen the countries of ASEAN and true allies. China is no ally; it is an evil bully.

    Look at the invasion and genocide Communist China committed and continues to commit in the nation of Tibet. All ASEAN will get from China is lies.