Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (3)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Propaganda Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. China Copyright and Media has not verified the source. The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media. 26 August 2005 (1) Close news trackers on “Anti-Corruption: More than 10,000 Leading Cadres Actively Handed Over More than 60 Million Yuan in Cash, Etc.” Existing ones are to be deleted, it is not to be discussed. (2) Search websites, if there are articles such as “North Korea’s Fall-out with China,” these are to be deleted. 23 August 2005 Heading: Corpse of Old Person Discovered Exposed on Hospital Roof, Ten Days After Hospitalization (Images), the content of this article is about an incident of a violent struggle between the hospital and relatives after an old person died in Xi’an Gaoxin Hospital. This incident may not be reported, if discovered, immediately delete it!! 22 August 2005 Everyone, a small number of people in Meishan Town, Changxing, Zhejiang used the masses’ emotions of appealing to enterprises to protect the environment, and took advantage to create a mass disturbance, at present, the situation has already calmed down. It is only permitted to reprint Xinhua copy, forums and other interactive columns may also not disseminate or play up this matter. Our websites do not have news qualifications, no channel may disseminate this news, please immediately delete this when examining and verifying matters. 18 August 2005 Gong Xiantian’s “Open Letter on the ‘Property Law’ (Draft)” may not be reprinted by any ...
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