Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (33)

Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (33)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media , CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to , the directives were issued by the Municipal Network Management Office and the management departments and provided to to by insiders. has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of .

1 November 2006, 15:44, Municipal Information Office, Chai Yue

(1) All websites: Please reprint the China Economic Net article Chinese Trade Growth Is No “Menace” But Contribution in the business and trade section.

(2) All websites: Please clean up and delete the text “Senior Cadres of Seven Provinces and Municipalities Have Assets Exceeding 70 Million” in forums and blogs.

(3) All websites: Please immediately delete the report of the Chinese Medicine Bureau concerning “Signatures to Cancel Chinese Medicine.”

1 November 2005, 17:21, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Chai Yue

Briefing concerning reports on “Tsinghua Master Student Jumps Off Building and Dies”

Today, some websites reprinted the article “Tsinghua Master Student Jumps Off Building and Dies” published by the Haikou Evening News, please notify all websites that this matter may not be played up, this information is to be pushed to the back stage, website forums, blogs, and post bars may also not discuss this matter.

2 November 2006, 11:28, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Chai Yue

The Forbes 2006 China Rich List, is to be removed from main page of websites and the main news page, and to be removed to the economics and business channel.

2 November 2006, 17:50, Beijing Municipal Information office, Chai Yue

All websites: Please delete the article “55 Years of Compulsory Insurance on Train Tickets – Where Has More than 10 Billion Grey Income Flowed To?”

2 November 2006, 18:22, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Chai Yue

All websites: Please immediately delete the article “43 Beijing Buses Not In Compliance with Regulations on Sealing Investigated.”

3 November 2006, 10:06, Beijing Municipal Information Office

All situations concerning the Forum on China- Cooperation leaders and their wives shopping in China are no longer to be reported. (2) Traffic management incidents concerning sealed-up vehicles are no longer to be brought up, corresponding numbers, examples and images are no longer to appear.

7 November 2006, 14:55, Municipal Network Propaganda Office, Huang Jing

All websites: Do not reprint reports on a so-called public security department investigation of the brothers of Guomei’s , where it has been reprinted, it must be deleted. Forums and blogs are also not to post this sort of articles. Where special subjects have been made, immediately push them to the back stage.

8 November 2006, 8:44, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Huang Jing

All websites: Please immediately delete the article “False Certification Seller States He Was Robbed by Beijing with Masked Faces – Robbing Him of Everything He Had.”

8 November 2006, 9:24, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Huang Jing

All websites, please immediately delete the article “More than 100 Villagers in Tongzhou, Beijing Want the Village Head Dismissed.”

8 November 2006, 14:37, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Huang Jing

All websites, concerning the matter of the conflagration that happened at the construction site of the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) on 8 November, this may not be reported without exception, existing reports are to be pushed to the back stage without exception, it is not permitted to send short messages, strengthen management over forums, do not let corresponding content appear on forums.

9 November 2006, 9:43, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Huang Jing

All websites: recently, a number of inaccurate reports concerning relevant departments in having decided to send 19 students who were infected with Hepatitis B back to their hometown to attend schools, have been published online, foreign media have also gotten involved. This matter touches upon ethnic and religious issues, and is relatively sensitive. All websites are requested to not transmit this sort of reports, and where they have been transmitted, they must be removed. Management over forums, blogs, and other interactive columns must be strengthened, timely delete incitements, provocations, rumors, attacks on the Party and the government, and all other harmful information.

17 November 2006, 9:51, Beijing Municipal Information Office

(1) News concerning the fact that someone in Jihe County, posed as the Party Committee secretary and signed off on work to be arranged for 33 people, is to be pushed to the back stage by all websites without exception.

(2) All websites: After coordination, websites who do netizen surveys with Airui Company, may put the surveys in the center of the news center page, and may not put it on the main page of websites or at the top of the news center page.


2006年11月1日15时44分 北京市新闻办柴玥

1.各网:请在财经频道首页转载中国经济网文章《中国经贸的增长不是“威胁”而是贡献 》http://intl.ce.cn/specials/zxxx/200610/31/t20061031_9216431.shtml

2. 各网:请在论坛、博客中清理删除《七省市高干财产逾700万》一文。

3. 各网:请马上删除中医药局有关”取消中医签名”的报道。

2006年11月1日17时21分 北京市新闻办柴玥



2006年11月2日11时28分 北京市新闻办柴玥


2006年11月2日17时50分 北京市新闻办柴玥

各网:请删除<火车票强制保险55年 上百亿灰色收入流向何处>一稿.

2006年11月2日18时22分 北京市新闻办柴玥


2006年11月3日10时05分 北京市新闻办

所有关于中非论坛领导人及其夫人在中国的购物情况一律不再报道。 2、交通管制中关于封存车辆的事件不要再提,相关数字、比例、图片不再出现。

2006年11月7日14时55分 市网宣处黄婧


2006年11月8日08时44分 北京市新闻办黄婧

各网:请马上删除<假证贩子称遭北京城管蒙头打劫 财物被洗劫一空>一稿.





2006年11月9日09时43分 北京市新闻办黄婧

各网:最近,网上对新疆有关部门决定19名乙肝病毒感染学生转回生源地就读一事刊发了一些失实报道,境外媒体也有插手。此事涉及民族宗教问题,比较 敏感,请各网站不要转发此类报道,已转载的要立即撤除。要加强对论坛、博客等互动栏目的管理,及时删除煽动、挑拨、造谣以及攻击党和政府等各类有害信息。

2006年11月17日09时51分 北京市新闻办


2. 各网:经协调,有与艾瑞公司做网民调查的网站,可将调查置于新闻中心页面中部,不要放网站首页和新闻中心页面上部。

These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on on December 10, 2012 (here).


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