Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (34)

Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (34)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media , CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to , the directives were issued by the Municipal Network Management Office and the management departments and provided to to by insiders. has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of .

19 December 2006, 9:37

I. It is declared that reprinting all sorts of articles from the Huaxia Times and the Democratic Legal Times is prohibited, including common social news, at the same time, this includes copy from the Huaxia Times and the Democratic Legal Times”that has been reprinted on other news websites. Please earnestly implement this requirement in the future.

II. All websites, requirements concerning North Korea’s nuclear program and the Six Party Talks. (1) Only use People’s Daily and Xinhua copy. (2) For comment and analysis articles, use copy from Central news work units. (3) Prominently reflect our country’s diplomatic positions. (4) No foreign media reports may be adopted.

19 December 2006, 11:33, Beijing Municipal Information Office

Sina, NetEase, Hexun and Mop: Please delete the reprinted China Economic Times text “Investigation into the ’23 July’ Mining Disaster in Mianchi, Henan” and corresponding content.

19 December 2006, 18:46, Beijing Municipal Information Office

I. The “Future China Forum” and the “Future China Forum Conference” are extremely reactionary foreign forum websites. All websites, please immediately search for and delete content related to the “Future China Forum” and the “Future China Forum Conference” from forums, blogs, and other interactive segments. All search engines: Please immediately make “Future China Forum” and “Future China Forum Conference” into keywords for screening. At the same time, snapshots and corresponding searches are to be completely deleted from search results. Tonight, all search units must submit a situation report, the content includes: (1) How many pieces of information are there concerning the content of this forum abroad; (2) links to domestic websites having posted content from these forums.

II. All websites: Concerning the North Korean nuclear issue, please use Xinhua or People’s Daily copy without exception, do not initiate discussions.

III. All websites, please immediately delete many reports sourced from the Beijing Daily Theory Weekly that relate to the Central Party School conducting questionnaire surveys of a number of scholars, including “Survey Reveals that Nearly Twenty Percent of Officials Believe China’s Reform This Year Is Too Slow,” “Survey States that Nearly Seventy Percent of Officials Believe that China’s Social Situation This Year Is Relatively Good,” “Central Party School Survey Reveals Next Year, Chinese Officials Are Most Concerned About Personnel Reform,” and “Central Party School Survey: Leading Cadres State that Income Difference the Most Inharmonious Factor in Present Society.”

19 December 2006, 19:51, Beijing Municipal Information Office

The case of someone self-immolating in Dongba today in the afternoon, is not to be reported by all websites without exception, interactive segments are not to discuss this, where it is already present, please delete it immediately.

19 December 2006, 20:09, Beijing Municipal Information Office

All websites, please send the search engine report concerning the “Future China Forum” to these two e-mail addresses before 12:00 tonight: [email protected] and [email protected]

20 December 2006, 20:31, Beijing Municipal Information Office

All websites: articles Calling the 2006 judicial examination into question are to be deleted without exception, forums, blogs and other interactive segments may not discuss this.

23 December 2006, 14:31, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Duty Manager 2

All websites, please pay attention, notice from the State Council Information Office: the Property Law draft will be deliberated for the 7th time at the National People’s Congress Standing Committee meeting, all websites are only to reprint Xinhua, People’s Daily and other central main news work unit articles when reporting on this. Do not produce special subjects, do not organise discussions. All websites must strictly implement this, and eliminate corresponding matters not conform to requirements from their websites.

25 December 2006, 18:30, Beijing Municipal Information Office

All websites, concerning the matter of the Centre adjusting the retirement money of cadres who have transferred to civilian work on their own initiative, no reports may be made without exception, where there are posts and articles already, delete them without exception, timely block them, interactive columns are not to discuss this matter.

27 December 2006, 8:36, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Huang Jing

All websites, please report all websites’ New Year duty roster to Huang Jing at the Network Management Office before 29 December, e-mail: [email protected]


一、 宣布禁止转载《华夏时报》和《民主法制时报》的各类稿件,包括一般性的社会新闻,同时也包括其它新闻网站转载的《华夏时报》与《民主法制时报》的稿件。请在今后认真履行这一要求。

二、 各网,关于朝核、六方会谈的要求,1、只用人民_新华的稿件。2、评论、分析文章采用中央新闻单位的稿件。3、突出体现我国外交立场。4、不得采用外媒。
2006年12月19日11时33分 北京市新闻办

2006年12月19日18时46分 北京市新闻办

一、 “未来中国论坛”、“未来中国论坛议会”是国外极其反动的一个论坛网站。 各网:请马上在论坛、博客等互动环节内查找删除“未来中国论坛”、“未来中国论坛议会”的相关内容。 各搜索引擎:请马上将“未来中国论坛”、“未来中国论坛议会”设为关键词屏蔽。同时将搜索结果中的快照、相关搜索全部删除。 今晚各搜索引擎要提交一份情况报告,内容包括:1,境外有多少条关于此论坛内容的消息;2,转帖发此论坛内容的境内网站链接。

二、 各网:关于朝鲜核问题,请一律使用新华或人民的稿件,不引导讨论.

三、 各网:请马上删除中新网来源于北京日报理论周刊有关中央党校对部分学员进行问卷调查的多篇报道,包括《调查显示近两成官员认为中国今年改革进行太慢》、 《调查称近七成官员认为中国今年社会形势比较好》、《中央党校调查显示明年中国官员最关注人事改革》、《中央党校调查:领导干部称收入差距是当前社会最不 和谐因素》。
2006年12月19日19时51分 北京市新闻办

2006月12月19日20时09分12秒 北京市新闻办

各网:请于今晚12:00以前将关于”中国未来论坛”的搜索引擎报告发到这两个邮箱:[email protected][email protected]

2006年12月20日 20时31分17秒 北京市新闻办

2006年12月23日 14时31分17秒 北京市新闻办 网管办值班2

各网请注意,国新办通知: 物权法草案即将在全国人大常委会进行第七次审议,各网站有关报道只转载新华社、人民日报等中央主要新闻单位的文章。不制作专题、不组织讨论。 请各网务必严格执行,尽快清除本网内不符合要求的相关
2006年12月25日18时30分 北京市新闻办


2006年12月27日 08时36分 北京市新闻办黄婧

各网:请于12月29日以前将各网站元旦值班表报网管办黄婧,邮箱[email protected]

These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on on December 11, 2012 (here).

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