Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (36)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media , CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to , the directives were issued by the Municipal Network Management Office and the management departments and provided to to by insiders. has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of .

17 January 2007, 20:17

Roll information on “Economist State Our Country’s Financial Support is Distorted – Entertainment Expenses of 370 Billion” to the back stage, close news trackers, forums, blogs and other columns are not to repost or discuss this.

18 January 2007, 9:54

All websites, please push the article “Relevant Departments in Kunshan, Jiangsu, Cover Up Number of Deaths in Factory Explosion” to the back stage.

18 January 2007, 15.01

All websites: Please immediately delete the article “Female Cashier Embezzles Public Money and Absconds – Police Tracks QQ Number to Arrest Her.”

18 January 2007, 18:00:46

Please ensure that there are no search results for the following keywords:

Instructed content: “Ma Zhipeng – Cai,” “one more chess piece necessary – Central Propaganda Departments,” “one more chess piece necessary – Beijing,” “propaganda fights defensive war.”

18 January 2007, 18:16:24

Recently, some websites have reprinted reports such as “Sichuan First-Line Doctor Sues Hospital for ‘Deducting Percentages from Bills,’” etc., these reports are unverified in many places, and the case is currently being tried. All websites are requested to no longer continue to report this report, where it has been reprinted, push it to the back stage, it is also not to be discussed in forums and blogs.

19 January 2007, 14:31

Reports concerning quality problems emerging in the cross-sea bridge project in Hangzhou Bay are gravely inaccurate, all websites are requested to delete them immediately, forums, blogs and other interactive columns are not to post or discuss this.

19 January 2007, 16:56:23

Concerning the two mass incidents relating to the rape case in Dazhu County, Sichuan and the student strike in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, all websites are to delete corresponding news.

Two propaganda instructions, both related to mass incidents: Everyone is requested to immediately delete them, and clean up their websites. (1) News related to the mass incident triggered by the rape case in Dazhu County, Sichuan; (2) Central Academy of Fine Arts: graduate student becomes tutor and meets with student opposition – they strike and demand explanation, please delete all corresponding news.

19 January 2007, 17:20:18

All websites: Some U.S. and European media have reported that China will conduct anti-satellite weapon tests in the near future, using a ballistic missile to destroy an old weather satellite. All websites are not to report on this for the time being, it is also not to be played up in forums and blogs.

19 January 2007, 17:20:18

Please ensure that there are no search results for the following keywords: “Cai – propaganda – arranging talks,” “Cai – propaganda – shuanggui,” “under investigation on the one hand and showing his face on the other – Cai,” “Cai – shuanggui.”

19 January 2007, 18:04:29

All websites: Do not reprint or comment on information concerning China conducting an anti-satellite weapon test.

20 January 2007, 17:14

All websites: Because the project to cooperate on building a factory with Dalian City and the U.S. company Intel involves sensitive issues, it should not be reported at present. All websites are requested to remove already reprinted information as soon as possible, forums, blogs, and other columns are also not to reprint or discuss this.


将”经济学家称我国财政支出扭曲 招待费耗资3700亿”的消息滚动至后台,关闭新闻跟贴,论坛和博客等栏目不转贴、不讨论。





2007-01-18 18:00:46


指令内容: “马志鹏 蔡”、“棋差一着 中宣部”、“棋差一着 北京”、“宣传攻防战”

2007-01-18 18:16:24



2007-01-19 16:56:23


两条宣传提示,都是涉及群体性事件的,请大家立即删除,清理本网。 1、四川大竹县强奸案引发群体事件的相关新闻, 2、中央美院:研究生任导师遭学生反对 罢课讨说法,相关新闻都请删除。

2007-01-19 17:20:18


2007-01-19 17:20:18

请将以下关键词设为搜索无结果:“蔡 宣传 约谈”、“蔡 宣传 双规”、“边被查边露面 蔡”、“蔡 双规”

2007-01-19 18:04:29




These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on on December 13, 2012 (here).

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