Censorship Vault: Mum on Dig at George Bush Jr. and More

Censorship Vault: Mum on Dig at George Bush Jr. and More

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Propaganda Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. China Copyright and Media has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media.

Beijing Municipal Network Management Office, Yang Le (Yang Le), 18:49:19

All websites, pay attention: Please put the special subject on the text message event on the main page of websites, put the title on a red background, and put it as high as possible. Thank you.

Beijing Municipal Network Management Office, Yang Le (Yang Le), 19:03:24

Now, please put the news on the text message recommendation in the header of news centers.

Beijing Municipal Network Management Office, Yang Le (Yang Le), 19:40:19

(1) From 5 February until 15 February, please put pop-up or floating advertising about this event on the main page of websites; (2) Under the presupposition of there not being major news, the title of this event must be put on the first screen of the main page of websites, and in the middle or upper part of the important news section of news centers; (3) Website main page and news center important news section titles concerning this event are to be put on a red background; (4) Trackers or comments must be opened after every listed text message, comments and posts must be examined first before publication.

It has already been posted on platforms.

4 February 2007, 21:58

All websites, the incident that happened within the buildings of Lecheng Group in Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang District at about 10 a.m. on 4 February, where more than one hundred laborers gathered to demand wages is not to be reported.

4 February 2007, 18:13:44

All websites: From today until the 16th, all websites must reserve one news title line on the main page of websites, two title lines in the lower part of the news center important news section and the large header title of the short message channel main page as a special section of this activity, and present the progress of this activity. The special section is a one-phrase title reflecting the trends of this activity, after netizens clock on the title, they may directly enter the special subject page of this activity.

3 February 2007, 23:29:21

The article by State Religion Bureau Director Ye Xiaowen criticizing the religious policies of U.S. President Bush is to be deleted.

On 1 February, State Religion Bureau Director Ye Xiaowen published an article in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily that criticized the religious policies of U.S. President Bush, this article is not to be reprinted. Where it has been reprinted, it must be immediately deleted.

3 February 2007, 23:30:28

Delete the hearsay about Zheng Xiaoyu already having committed suicide out of fear for punishment.

Online hearsay concerning Zheng Xiaoyu already having committed suicide out of fear for punishment does not conform to facts, all websites are requested not to reprint them, where they have been reprinted, they must be immediately deleted, blogs and forums may also not have corresponding content.

3 February 2007, 23:32:57

Continue to screen rumors concerning the ex-State leader and some music star.

All websites are requested to make the following words into keywords for screening, ensure there are no search results, do not set up corresponding searches: “Jiang scandal, Jiang Song, Jiang Song affair news, Jiang Song confusion, Jiang Song hearsay, the inside story of the Jiang-Song dealings, Jiang Song rumors, Song Zuying affair news.” This article is to be deleted: “This Is How the ‘Affair News’ of Song Zuying Came Out.”

5 February 2007, 15:59

All websites: Please reprint this article in the propaganda section of the special subject page for the text message event.

(Title) “Lucky Baby” Roots for New Spring Well-Wishing Text Message Competition

The “2007 New Spring Well-Wishing Text Message Recommendation Competition” event has just begun, and has already received widespread attention from all walks of society. Today, Beijing Xinhua Creative International Advertising Media Co. Ltd., has especially sent 60 “Lucky Baby” souvenir books to the organizing committee, to become lucky recommendation prizes for this event and fifth-rank prizes for the lucky voting awards.

The “Lucky Baby” souvenir books, valued at 388 yuan, are a special production for the “Golden Pig Babies” born in the new year, and integrate souvenir, well-wishing, communication, and many other functions. The Beijing Xinhua Creative International Advertising Co. Ltd.’s person in charge indicated that New Spring well-wishing text messages are a happy occasion for the Beijing Spring Festival in which all the people participate, and hopes to support the recommendation competition event through this act, attract even more people’s attention and participation in the activity, and make this Spring Festival in Beijing become even more boisterous and happy.

Fifth prize: One of 30 copies of the Xinhua Creative and “Lucky Baby” souvenir books.

5 February 2007

Qianxiang Interactive changes its first contact person:

Zhang Shuguang


E-mail: [email protected]

MSN: [email protected]

5 February 2007, 20:52:48

Some requirements for the New Spring well-wishing text message event:

(1) Use three-number codes for listed text messages without exception, such as 001, etc., do not change this by yourself. (2) All websites must set up a real-time display of the text message vote numbers, so that the number of votes of all text messages may be seen at all times. (3) In the awards section, you are requested to add a fifth class of prizes among the recommendation prized and voting prizes, one of 30 copies of the Xinhua Creative and “Lucky Baby” souvenir books. (4) One comment entry point is to be set up per text message, letting netizens only comment on that particular text message. (5) Every morning’s reporting time for recommended text messages is increased to two times from 12:00 noon daily. When going to work in the morning, what is to be reported is the recommended text message content from the afternoon and evening of the previous day, until the morning of that day. At 12:00 noon, there is to be a second reporting, which is the recommended text message content of that day’s morning.

7 February 2007, 10:24

All websites: Please add an article in the rules for the “2007 New Spring Well-Wishing Text Message Recommendation Competition” event to explain: the closure time for recommendations from mobile phone users and netizens is 13 February, 10:00; the closure time for voting is 14 February, 24:00.


北京市网管办杨乐(杨乐) 18:49:19

北京市网管办杨乐(杨乐) 19:03:24

北京市网管办杨乐(杨乐) 19:40:19

1、从2月5日至2月15日,请在网站首页放置本次活动的弹出或飘浮广告; 2、在无重大新闻的前提下,本次活动的标题要放在网站首页第一屏内,在新闻中心要闻区要放在中上部; 3、网站首页、新闻中心要闻区有关活动的标题套红; 4、每条上榜短信后面须开跟帖或评论,评论和跟贴要先审后发。


2007-02-04 18:13:44

2007-02-03 23:29:21


2007-02-03 23:30:28


2007-02-03 23:32:57


各网站请将下列词列为关键词屏蔽,搜索无结果,不设相关搜索 “江丑闻、江宋、江宋绯闻、江宋乱、江宋传闻、江宋交易内幕、江宋谣言、宋祖英绯闻” 此文删除:宋祖英的“绯闻”是这样传出的




价值388元的“福宝宝”纪念册是为新年出生的“金猪宝宝”们特别制作,结合了留念、祝福和通信等诸多功能。北京新华创意国际广告有限公司的负责人 表示,新春祝福短信是北京春节全民参与的喜事,希望通过这一举动,支持推荐评选活动,吸引更多的人关注、参与活动,让北京的这个春节更加热闹、喜气。


五等奖  30名 新华创意、“福宝宝”纪念册各一本




邮箱:[email protected]

MSN:[email protected]
2007-02-05 20:52:48


1、对于上榜短信一律使用三位数编码,如001等,不要自行修改。 2、各网要设置短信投票数的实时显示,随时可以看到每条短信的投票数。 3、在奖项设置中,同时请在推荐奖和投票奖中再加一个五等奖 30名 新华创意、“福宝宝”纪念册各一本 4、每一条短信开设一个评论入口,让网民只对该条短信评论。 5、每天上午推荐短信的报送时间,由每天中午12点增加为2次:早上一上班报一次,是前一天天下午、晚上到当天早上的推荐短信内容。中午12点报第二次, 是当天上午的推荐短信内容。


These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on on December 15, 2012 (here). This post is the 38th in the series.

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