Censorship Vault: Wave of Exaggeration

Note from the Translator: Canyu.org is now posting these notices quite intermittently. Further translations will be posted as soon as original materials are available.

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. China Copyright and Media has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media.

9 August 2007, 09:33:30

First Level: According to investigations, “2000 Students in Liaoning Expose Themselves to Sunlight for Four Hours, Seeking Guinness Record” is an inaccurate report, all websites are requested to deal with it according to the following requirements:

(1) Websites must not reprint it, where it has been reprinted, please delete it immediately;

(2) Forums, blogs and other interactive segments are not to post or discuss this.

9 August 2007, 09:40:48

First Level: Concerning reports and comments on “Korean Network Real Name System Does Not Avoid Malicious Posts–In Contradiction to Government Intentions”:

(1) Websites must not reprint it, where it has been reprinted, please delete it immediately;

(2) Related content is not to be posted or discussed in forums or blogs.

9 August 2007, 11:09:13

Second Level: Concerning the outcome of the Wu Lihong court hearing in Jiangsu, all websites are requested to only reprint Xinhua copy.

9 August 2007, 17:49:32, Zhong Fu

Supplementary requirement concerning reports on the Wu Lihong court hearing in Jiangsu: information concerning the trial of Wu Lihong, who is suspected of blackmail, all websites are only to reprint copy from Xinhua and other main central news work units, close news trackers, do not set up special subjects, do not set up hot spot discussion topics. Strengthen management over blogs, forums, instant messaging, mobile text messages, and other interactive segments, timely delete harmful information attacking the Party and the government, inciting trouble-making, etc.

9 August 2007, 17:15:35, Zhong Fu

Second Level: All websites: Do not report the matter of the reorganization of securities companies in Zhongguancun, interactive segments are not to discuss or disseminate this. Please specially notify this matter to all finance and economic channels.

9 August 2007, 14:12:09, Huang Jing

The “Good Luck Beijing” comprehensive survey competition will be organized from the 17th until the 20th of this month, relevant environmental survey traffic guarantee work plans are promulgated today. All websites are requested to earnestly implement the following requirements from today until the results of the survey are known:

(1) Do not reprint reports and comments of inhabitants’ crowding because of traveling on public transport and traffic accidents;

(2) Continue to pay attention to and earnestly manage trackers related to all information and comments concerning the survey competition, strictly block harmful information attacking traffic guarantee work and resisting the Olympic Games;

(3) Forums, blogs, and other interactive columns are not to reprint or discuss written or image information of inhabitants’ crowding because of traveling on public transport and traffic accidents.

9 August 2007, 13:40:11, Huang Jing

All Websites: Our office will convene a 17th Party Congress website management mobilization meeting next Tuesday (14 August) in our office’s large meeting room, all websites’ general editors and first contact persons are requested to attend. Please report the name list of attendees to our Office before 2PM next Monday ([email protected], or directly telling me through RTX is fine as well).

11 August 2007, 10:32:51

All Websites: On the Wu Lihong case in Jiangsu, without exception only issue single new items, do not set up related news and links, do not open trackers. If there are problems, please deal with them immediately.

12 August 2007, 20:29:48

Concerning the matter of the first instance trial of false news case mastermind Zi Beijia, the original copy source must be central or Beijing municipal focus media. If there are standard copy sources, only issue it in the domestic news section, do not set up special subjects, do not set up related links. Regardless of whether or not the copy source is standard, do not issue text messages.

13 August 2007, 09:53:21

Second Level: All websites: Do not reprint or participate in the “Global New Era of Culture and Humanity” photography contest and corresponding information, interactive segments are not to discuss this, set up “Global New Era of Culture and Humanity” as a keyword for screening, ensure there are completely no results, do not set up related searches.

13 August 2007, 09:58:14

All Websites: ‘”One World, One Dream”: the Same Human Rights? Our Calls and Suggestions for the Beijing Olympics,’ please search for and delete this text.

14 August 2007, 08:15:44

First Level: Please ensure there are no search results for the following keywords on the “17th Party Congress,” and maintain this until 30 November:

All search engines: please ensure there are no search results for the following keywords on the “17th Party Congress”, and maintain this until 30 November:

Hu + stepping down
Wen + stepping down
Qinghong + stepping down
18th Party Congress successors
Qinglin + stepping down
Jiang Z-min
– Jiang Zhemin
– Hu Jintao [note: a homophone with different characters]
– Hu J-tao
– Jiang Zhemin [note: different, but similar sounding, characters from the first instance]
– Hu Jintao [more homophones]
– Wen Jiabao [homophones]
– Wen Baobao
– Previous Secretary to Huang Ju arrested
Wang Weigong + under investigation, inside information
– Wang Weigong eliminates + Huang Ju
– Huang Ju’s widow Yu Huiwen’s frequent activities
– Yu Huiwen’s frequent activities
– the Party still is great, glorious, and correct
– no influence + appraisal of Huang Ju
– holding out on Huang Ju
– Wang Weigong + being director
– anti-corruption closes in on Jiang Mianheng
– anti-corruption + Jiang Mianheng
Chen Liangyu + Jiang Mianheng
– Huang Ju + relationship with Jiang
– Jiang clique coolies
– CCP 17th Party Congress composition
– 17th Party Congress + rehabilitating Zhao Ziyang
– old Party members jointly sign + rehabilitating Zhao Ziyang
– 17th Party Congress discussion + rehabilitating Zhao Ziyang
– 17th Party Congress + deadlock
– Hu Jintao assigns trusted subordinates to positions
– Jiang Zemin + criticized
– Hu Jintao + Jiang clique
– Jiang clique’s political situation
– Jiang clique’s political commissar
– Army’s eight great hidden dangers
– 17th Party Congress + wave of exaggeration
– intra-Party wave of exaggeration
– 17th party Congress reappraises June 4th
– 17th Party Congress reappraises Zhao Ziyang
– Lin Ruo + rehabilitating Zhao Ziyang
– 17th Party Congress power struggle
– Hu’s past rival show


2007-08-09 09:33:30

2007-08-09 09:40:48

一级: 有关《韩国网络实名制难阻恶意帖 与政府意愿相背》的报道和评论,
2007-08-09 11:09:13

2007-08-09 17:49:32 钟阜

2007-08-09 17:15:35 钟阜

2007-08-09 14:12:09 黄婧

2007-08-09 13:40:11 黄婧

各网:我办将于下周二(8月14日)在我办大会议室召开17大网站管理动员会,请各网站总编辑和第一通知人参加.请与下周一下午2点前将参加人名单报我办([email protected],或直接RTX告诉我也行)
2007年8月11日 10:32:51

2007年8月12日 20:29:48

2007-08-13 09:53:21

2007-08-13 09:58:14

2007年8月14日 08:15:44



“胡 下台”、“温 下台”、“庆红 下台”、“十八大接班人”、“庆林 下台”、“江z民”、“江者民”、“胡进涛”、“胡J涛”、“江浙民”、“胡紧套”、“瘟家宝”、“温宝宝”、“黄菊前秘书被捕”、 “王维工 被审内情”、“王维工落马 黄菊”、“黄菊遗孀余慧文活动频繁”、“余慧文活动频繁”、“党还是伟光正”、“不影响 对黄菊的评价”、“瞒着黄菊”、“王维工 办主任”、 “反贪直逼江绵恒”、“反贪 江绵恒”、“陈良宇 江绵恒”、“黄菊 与江的关系”、“江系人马”、“中共十七大布局”、“十七大 为赵紫阳平反”、“老党员联名 为赵紫阳平反”、“十七大讨论 赵紫阳评价”、“十七大 僵持不下”、“胡锦涛安插心腹”、“江泽民 挨批”、“胡锦涛 江氏集团”、“江氏政治局”、“江氏政治委员”、“军队八大隐患”、“十七大 言事潮”、“党内言事潮”、“十七大重评六四”、“十七大重评赵紫阳”、“林若 赵紫阳平反”、“十七大权斗”、“胡曾 对台戏”。

These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on China Copyright and Media on January 14, 2013 (here). This post is the 58th in the series.

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