Censorship Vault: Student Falls to Death on Guangdong University Campus

Censorship Vault features previously untranslated  instructions from the archives of the CDT series Directives from the Ministry of Truth (真理部指令).

Provincial Party Committee Department: As for the matter of a female graduate student falling to her death at the southern end of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies campus this afternoon (the 5th), if reporting on this, the media should only post a brief notice according to the material released by the school; downplay the incident; do not put reports on the front page or in the feature section [of your papers]; do not carry out in-depth coverage; and do not pair reports with images or commentary. (April 5, 2012)


Translation by Mengyu Dong.

CDT has collected the selections we translate here from a variety of sources and has checked them against official Chinese media reports to confirm their implementation.

Since directives are sometimes communicated orally to  and editors, who then leak them online, the wording published here may not be exact. The original publication date on CDT Chinese is noted after the directives; the date given may indicate when the directive was leaked, rather than when it was issued. CDT does its utmost to verify dates and wording, but also takes precautions to protect the source.

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